A Total War Saga: Troy Will Be Free For a Day on Epic at Launch

A Total War Saga: Troy Will Be Free For a Day on Epic at Launch

The timed exclusive will have a 24-hour free period.

The next installment of the Total War saga arrives on August 13, and it'll be a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store. Those who grab it early get a bonus, though: it won't cost anything.

Sega and Creative Assembly announced today that the Greek epic war simulation will be free for 24 hours when it launches on the Epic Games Store. It'll then be exclusive on Epic Games Store until August 2021, when it can go to platforms like Steam.

While Total War is a war game on a massive scale, it's brushed with both history and larger-than-life interpretations before, though mythological Troy is new territory. Adapting the war that spanned Homer's Iliad, there will be great warriors, massive ships, and larger-than-life heroes to valiantly lead the charge. The setting seems largley the same, with Helen sailing off with Paris, sparking the clash between Troy and the Achaean army.

But as for the myths? When it was announced last year, Creative Assembly said that A Total War Saga: Troy would peel back the layers of myth to "reveal the realities that may have inspired them." What does that look like, exactly? I'm not sure it's Odysseus throwing on a three-headed dog costume, but hey, let's not rule anything out just yet.

Ships will sail for Troy on August 13, when this Total War spinoff lands on the Epic Games Store. For a take on how Total War's spinoff Saga series has been faring, check out our review of the Thrones of Britannia entry from 2018.

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