Total War: Three Kingdoms Takes Place in One of China's Most Famous Historical Epics

Creative Assembly is finally tackling The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

News by Matt Kim, .

The Total War series is going to ancient China for its next game which will take place within the famous historical epic novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The new trailer, which dropped earlier than anticipated, shows off what to expect as the Total War series ventures into one of the most famous epics in history. While it's heavy on the CG, it does a great job at showcasing why so many players are excited about the upcoming game for players who might not be familiar with the Three Kingdoms story.

The novel, one of the most famous in East Asia, centers around the power struggle that rises up at the decline of the Han Dynasty. In 190 CE, China is under the tyrant Dong Zhuo who wields his power through the puppet child-emperor. Three leaders rise up to form an alliance to face Dong Zhuo, but of course this being a struggle for power, things rarely go as planned.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is expected to launch on PC sometime in fall 2018.

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