Totally Not Official 14th Game for Nintendo Power Pad Released

Make cool things, not war. Nintendo Power Pad gets its 14th game as a 25th birthday present.

Old peripherals never die, they just get turned into play things for makers.

The Nintendo Power Pad, which was released 25 years ago, was one of those things that every 80's kid wanted. It was cool. It was weird. It could exercise more than your thumbs. Unfortunately, developers at the time weren't quite as infatuated with it as the rest of us were; only 13 games were ever released for the Nintendo Power Pad. Well, 14 now. In honor of its silver anniversary, cyborgdino made a game for the Power Pad - after figuring out how to hook it up to a desktop computer first, of course.

Still, as awesome as a video of two-player, co-op Breakout-inspired game might be, there's something that's even better: the opportunity to make your own. Those looking to breathe new life into their old Power Pad will be happy to know that cyborgdino has expounded quite thoroughly on the intricacies of replicating their feat. Unfortunately, it's not a plug-and-play sort of affair. Getting the Power Pad to play nice with your PC is something that will require a touch of work and access to various DIY paraphernalia. That said, the instructions on cyborgdino's website are relatively easy to follow so this may make for a good 4th of July weekend project.

If you succeed at making the 15th Power Pad game, be sure to let us know in the comments!

cyborgdino via Hack a Day

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