Toukiden 2 Hunts the Americas in Spring 2017

Omega Force's action RPG finally has a concrete release window in North America.

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Koei Tecmo America announced today that Toukiden 2 will be releasing in the Americas in Spring 2017. The game was previously coming in "Early 2017", so we're inching closer to a final release date for the title. The Toukiden series is developed by Musou studio Omega Force, though it's an action RPG. Toukiden 2 continues the story outlined in Toukiden and Toukiden: Kiwami, with humanity fighting a losing battle against the Oni.

"The Toukiden series tells the tale of humanity's last stand for survival against demonic, soul-devouring Oni. As revealed in Toukiden: The Age of Demons, humanity was protected for centuries by a secret clan of warriors, the Slayers, trained to dispose of the supernatural threat before it could consume the world. An event known as the Awakening caused rifts to appear in space and time – resurfacing places that had long disappeared from the world and unleashing swarms of Oni that relentlessly hunted humans," explained Koei Tecmo.

In Toukiden 2, players battle across an open world in six different ages: Yore, Grace, Honor, War, Peace and Chaos. Each era represents a different facet of Japan's history.

To mark the announcement, Koei Tecmo America also released a Toukiden anime short, produced by Studio 4°C.

Toukiden 2 was released in Japan on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, but Koei Tecmo' press release was unclear on if that was the case for the Western release. USgamer has reached out to Koei Tecmo for clarification on release platforms.

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