Trackmania Nations Getting Remade With "Regular Updates" Planned

Trackmania Nations Getting Remade With "Regular Updates" Planned

Head back to the old stadium roads.

The next Trackmania game will be reviving one of its classics. Trackmania Nations is getting a remake, called simply Trackmania, and it's arriving May 5, 2020.

Trackmania Nations first debuted in 2006 and introduced the "Stadiums" environment to the time-trial arcade racer. Now, in 2020, it'll get a new coat of paint and some new features, including ongoing updates, live services, and seasonal content.

In an Ubisoft blog, Ubisoft Nadeo managing director Florent Castelnerac discussed some of the new content coming to this Nations remake. Castelnerac says that the team noticed that after launching a game, players often rushed through the campaign and then stopped playing.

"So we decided to create a seasonal game, with a regular official campaign and one daily track selection among all players submitted and peer-reviewed maps," said Castelnerac. "Additionally, we intend to create regular updates of Trackmania for new seasonal blocks or new features."

This content curation is new for Nations, but could hopefully give this Trackmania entry a longer lifespan among casual racing fans. Of course, Trackmania (2020) will still have a track creator, so you can make all those beautiful courses and horrible monstrosities. Also, hopefully, Star Wars Metallica. Ubisoft Nadeo is also working to include ranking systems, including daily and weekly casual cups as well as seasonal rankings.

The approach for the Nations remake seems to be a return to basics, with the benefits of the modern era. The Nadeo team has grown a lot since Nations launched in 2006, and now it gets a chance to go back and reimagine Nations for 2020.

"At first, we had a simple approach. Then we moved toward more rich, beautiful, and complex creations, including map-making, but lost simplicity in the process," said Caselnerac. "Today, I would like to combine depth, beauty, and lightness. I think it is what people expect from modernity: to be powerful yet simple. I hope that's what we'll be with Trackmania."

Though 2016's Trackmania Turbo came to consoles, Trackmania (2020) is only confirmed for PC on May 5 at the moment.

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