Transformers Universe Launches "Founders Program"

Transformers Universe Launches "Founders Program"

And the most expensive package costs over $500 of your hard-earned cash.

As is becoming increasingly fashionable for new free-to-play games, the upcoming "MOTA" (it's like a MOBA, but... different) Transformers Universe is offering a multi-tiered early adopter scheme called the "Founders" program.

Like similar programs, the Founders scheme offers prospective players the opportunity to pay up front for in-game content, and offers four different options ranging from Bronze to Cybernite. The Bronze package costs £29.99 (about $50), the Silver package costs £39.99 (about $68), the Gold package costs $79.99 (about $135) and the Cybernite package costs a massive £299.99 (a little over $500). All packages provide varying amounts of in-game currency and a subscription to the game's "Season Pass" program, which provides new content each month, a discount in the in-game store and bonus experience. More expensive packages offer additional playable Transformers for players to master as well as various quantities of consumable items for various purposes.

Worth $500?

So what's in that $500 package, then? Well, mostly everything mentioned above, with the addition of 18 extra characters and a limited-run 10-inch collectible figurine, pictured above.

These prices sound astronomical, but Jagex claims that they are "competitively priced" and, in all cases, offer content of considerably greater value than the price being paid -- the content in the Cybernite pack, for example, is supposedly worth "over £480" ($810). It's still a lot of money to pay for a game that is yet to prove itself, however; moreover, plonking down the cash for one of these packages doesn't give you early access or anything -- simply a head start in the game when it does eventually launch.

Transformers Universe is set to launch this summer. Find out more about the packages here.

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