Treyarch is Adding a Fix For Call of Duty Blackout’s Item Pickup Issue, But There’s a Catch

Treyarch is Adding a Fix For Call of Duty Blackout’s Item Pickup Issue, But There’s a Catch

Growing pains.

Call of Duty Blackout ran a closed beta last month, giving Call of Duty fans an early taste of the series' first foray into the battle royale genre. It went pretty well, relatively speaking, though one persistent issue did seem to crop up for most players, a problem that was the subject of many a heated Reddit post. The issue in question is Blackout's approach to item pickups, with players having to hold down the button prompt to pick stuff up. It seems that Treyarch has heard the cries for a fix.

The much-requested fix for the notorious item pickup issue could be a double-edged sword though, with the Twitter post from Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar highlighting a potential issue that players could run into while playing. The new option sees item pickups tied to a button press rather than a hold. Problem is this puts it on the same input as reload, meaning that if you're near loot and need to reload, you might be fresh out of luck.

Call of Duty Blackout launches alongside Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on October 12, so let's hope that the fix is implemented in time. For more on Call of Duty Blackout, you can check out our Call of Duty Blackout Guide. If you're looking for more on Call of Duty Black Ops 4, we've got a guide for that too.

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