Trials Rising Brings Bone-Breaking Action to Switch (And Other Stuff)

The fan-favorite puzzle racer returns.

Today at the Ubisoft press conference, the published revealed the next iteration of the fan-favorite Trial franchise. The new game is Trials Rising, allowing a whole new generation of players to send their rider ragdolling across the pavement.

There's new tracks and new backgrounds, built in collaboration with some of the world's best Trials players. From cities, to deserts, snowy mountains, theme parks, and beyond, there's new places to trick and get hurt.

"Combining the core gameplay and over-the-top action of the Trials franchise with all-new features, more competition, and a fresh visual look, Trials Rising is the biggest and most ambitious title in the series to date," said Ubisoft in its press release.

"The competitive rags-to-riches experience is designed from the ground up to gently introduce new players to the acclaimed physics-based gameplay. With more tracks than ever before, beginners are in for a smooth ride towards mastery, while the skills and nerves of experienced players will be put to the test in the most advanced challenges. This is Trials at its best."

A custom track maker returns and Ubisoft has added the new cooperative Tandem Bike mode, with two players controlling the same bike.

Trials Rising is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 2019.

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