Trion Worlds' Next Project is Minecraft-like RPG Trove

The upcoming free-to-play title promises a "massive multiverse adventure."

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The gang at Mojang has a lot to answer for.

Ever since Minecraft came on the scene and proved scrappy indies were more than capable of taking on the big boys of the games industry, it seems every developer and their dog wants a piece of the voxel-based procedurally-generated building-and-destroying action.

The latest developer to try its hand at the cube-shaped thing is Rift developer Trion Worlds: it's just announced its new game Trove.

Trove is a free-to-play action RPG in which you explore a series of procedurally generated worlds, building and destroying scenery, exploring dungeons, fighting bosses and crafting items. Each time you play, you'll find a new series of worlds to explore and conquer as you complete quest objectives, but there's one little persistent space you can call your home: the Cornerstone, a base camp that you can construct yourself and take from world to world.

Trove is designed to evolve over time through the actions and creations of its players. You'll be able to construct your own weapons, creatures and environments, and these creations will show up both in the worlds you adventure through and those of other players online. Different worlds will feature different environments and resources, so each new trip into the multiverse provides the potential to discover new things and create new items.

Starting today, Trove is now accepting alpha signups so you can jump in on the ground floor of this new experience. While it does sound distinctly Minecrafty at its core, hopefully the action RPG elements -- customizing your character, swapping out classes and abilities, levelling up -- along with the community-powered aspect will help distinguish it from Mojang's classic. And as a free-to-play title, there's no risk in at least giving it a go for yourself.

Find out more and sign up for the alpha on the official site.

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  • Avatar for weevilo #1 weevilo 4 years ago
    Cube World is looking better than this and it was written by a single guy :> Pretty sad idea and showing from such a big developer.
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  • Avatar for Blackcompany #2 Blackcompany 4 years ago
    To claim that Trion developers games that are...derivative...would be generous. At best. They straight up copied WoW where Rift is concerned. For Defiance, they copied the formula and added guns. Then charged $60 for a terrible, repetitive, bug ridden mess, and more for DLC.

    Pardon me if stick with cube world. I simply do not trust Trion to develop anything original or interesting. At all. This will likely be cube world with the WoW grind on top.
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  • Avatar for family-guy #3 family-guy 4 years ago
    can we play GTA5
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