Turn-Based Bar-Room Brawling... With Bears

There's a headline I never thought I'd write... and an indie project that looks like a lot of fun.

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One of the great things about the growth in independent game development is the sheer number of fun, creative projects that get made on an almost daily basis... but at the same time, one of the saddest things about the same growth is how easy it is to overlook intriguing-sounding games.

One such title that caught my eye after an offhand mention on Twitter by Gunpoint developer Tom "Pentadact" Francis earlier today is The Cresting Rainbow or, as Francis preferred to call it, Adorabrawl. This is a turn-based bar-room brawl game starring a series of furry woodland creatures who appear to want nothing more than to beat the stuffing out of each other. And, it being a bar-room brawl, there are plenty of implements with which to inflict varying amounts of pain upon the other patrons.

Independent developer Jamie Churchman first revealed the game back in October of last year when he and his team decided to put their side-scrolling iPad swordfighting game Project Sword on hold temporarily and pursue a smaller-scale project to refine their skills and workflow further. That project is The Cresting Rainbow.

...Yeah, I'd play that.

Gameplay in The Cresting Rainbow is asynchronous and turn-based with simultaneous turns, much like Mode 7 Games' Frozen Synapse and the upcoming Frozen Endzone. Simultaneous turn resolution leads to some interesting gameplay systems -- if two players throw chairs at each other at the same time, for example, they'll collide rather than hitting their originally intended target. The various characters will have a few basic moves, plus context-sensitive actions according to the items around them.

The Cresting Rainbow is clearly in a fairly early stage of development at present, but Churchman and the team are posting updates on their Tumblr page, including regular participation in the indie movement's "#screenshotsaturday" tradition, whereby progress and thoughts on development are shared with the community along with a screenshot -- a powerful means of soliciting both feedback and encouragement from fellow developers and prospective players.

You can follow development of this fun-looking game via Churchman's TIGSource thread or his team's Tumblr page.

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