Twitch Drops The Playroom from Directory

After continued concerns over "non-gaming" content, Twitch has dropped PS4 app The Playroom from its broadcast directory.

News by Pete Davison, .

Earlier in the week, Twitch announced that it would be cracking down on non-gaming streams after a spate of inappropriate content.

The content which caused concern ranged from one user stripping his apparently unconscious partner naked on camera to couples having sex on their couch, all of which were broadcast to the Internet via Twitch using the PlayStation 4's Playroom app. The husband-and-wife team behind The Spartan Show had recently discovered Playroom could be used as a means of broadcasting live video content to the Internet using nothing more than a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation Camera and a copy of Playroom, which is pre-installed on every new PlayStation 4 console.

The Spartan Show kickstarted a flurry of people making use of Playroom to broadcast live video from their PS4.

Twitch's concerns over content stemmed more from the fact its service, traditionally associated with the more "hardcore" side of streaming, was being used to broadcast non-gaming content, and that this was cluttering up its service with content that would be irrelevant to its regular users.

Even after repeated warnings, Twitch has continued to be frustrated by those using Playroom for non-gaming purposes, and as such has decided on a blanket ban of Playroom from its streaming directory rather than going through and curating streams by hand.

"We removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related," Twitch said to our sister site Eurogamer. "We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content."

It's not yet clear how this will affect legitimate users of Playroom such as The Spartan Show, but it at least sounds as if Twitch will be willing to revisit the issue once the initial flurry of excitement over streaming from PlayStation 4 has died down somewhat.

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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #1 GustinHardy 4 years ago
    I wish they wouldn't go for the knee jerk reaction of pulling support altogether for Playroom. Maybe instituting an insta-ban function for violators would be a better compromise. I know it takes time to implement such measures but let's hope that's the long term solution
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  • Avatar for Suzusiiro #2 Suzusiiro 4 years ago
    I think it's really cool that people are using the PS4's streaming functions plus the camera like this (well, minus the creepy strip show stuff,) but Twitch isn't the right avenue for it- maybe they could throw in support as well?
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #3 Funny_Colour_Blue 4 years ago
    Yeah, banning accounts that are streaming "non-gaming" content isn't entirely unusual for They started out with and sort of spawned from that.

    Likewise, when I first started using it was for streaming shows, movies and video games for a few friends. Once was created, they transferred my account over to a account because I mostly used it for streaming video games.

    After awhile they established this rule where you could only stream video game content on or "non-gaming content" with So if you wanted to stream "non-gaming content" you would need to create an entirely separate account on I'm assuming this was to help regulate the two type of accounts between the two services.

    So If you're caught too many times streaming non-gaming content on or gaming content on your account will eventually be banned. But there's also this thin grey area where users would like to share "non-gaming content" with their capture card of choice. I wish would somehow accommodate that as well.

    Regardless though, inappropriate content will always be banned.Edited November 2013 by Funny_Colour_Blue
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