Twitch Offering New Subscription Tiers For Partners

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Twitch is offering new subscription tiers to its partners, allowing viewers to subscribe to channels for higher dollar amounts. Currently, viewers can either offer their free Twitch Prime sub to one channel per month or subscribe to multiple channels for $4.99 each. The new subscription tiers are at $9.99 and 24.99.

"Subscriptions are a defining part of the Partnership program since it enables fans to show appreciation for their favorite creators, while adding to the native language of Twitch by introducing new emotes daily. These new subscription options will soon go live as an opt-in beta," said Twitch in a statement.

Twitch Partners will also be able to offer their best fan new perks, like exclusive emotes. The rollout matches a leaked email that went out to Twitch Partners a few days ago.

Twitch will also be adding to its subscription plans with a new sub-gifting feature. Later this year, users will be able to purchase a subscription and gift it to another Twitch viewer.

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