Twitch Plays Breath of the Wild Finally Beat a Guardian

Twitch Plays Breath of the Wild Finally Beat a Guardian

500+ minds working seamlessly together.

Twitch plays isn't a new concept, but Twitch coming together to beat a Guardian in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild definitely is. A relatively new Twitch Plays recently got running on the latest Zelda game, and they're making solid progress through the game.

Below, you can see the final clip of the Twitch chat killing a Breath of the Wild Guardian in action. Guardians can be a real headache in the Shrine dungeons of Breath of the Wild, and that's just if you're playing on your own without 500 plus viewers all trying to control one Link.

Over on the Breath of the Wild subreddit, creator PointCrow wrote out the following explanation of how he created set up the controls for Twitch chat to play the game. Saying it's a pretty complicated process is putting it lightly.


The concept of Twitch chat playing a game by spam commenting an instruction isn't anything new. The chat for Twitch channels have come together in the past to play games like Dark Souls, where there needs to be an overriding commitment to doing a certain action from the chat in order for it to happen in the game. The Twitch Plays Dark Souls is probably the best iteration of Twitch chat playing a game so far.

Perhaps this same Twitch chat will regroup to play Breath of the Wild 2 whenever it launches. Since it was revealed at E3 2018, it's been radio silence from Nintendo regarding the sequel. Will we finally see more of Breath of the Wild 2 in 2020?

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