Twitch Plays Teamfight Tactics Takes Out Quite A Few Unsuspecting Human Players

Twitch Plays Teamfight Tactics Takes Out Quite A Few Unsuspecting Human Players

It's not quite as chaotic as the Pokemon one, though.

Twitch Plays Pokemon was a phenomenon that's difficult to replicate, though many have tried since. One new effort is Twitch Plays TFT, or Teamfight Tactics, the League of Legends autobattler. Its small but fervent community has already driven the bot into Gold in the game's ranked matchmaking, and it's looking to keep rising.

The "Twitch Plays" concept is where chat commands control actions taken in a game being streamed on Twitch. In the case of Twitch Plays TFT, this means splitting the screen and board up into discernible areas, with a number of commands for the various actions you can take.

For example, if I wanted the TFT bot to take a unit on the bench and put it on the board, I'd type "!m b1 10." This would tell it to "move" the unit on "b1" (or the first bench slot) to the hex tile labeled 10. There are commands for selling, combining items, refreshing the shop, and buying units, all the same as in Teamfight Tactics proper.

The appeal of these is usually the chaos that ensues when a Twitch chat is trying to control one character, and the resulting conflict of chat between those trying to win and those trying to troll. It's what made Twitch Plays Pokemon so intensely engaging, and spawned a community fervor around it.

By contrast, Twitch Plays TFT seems like a much more controlled experiment. Now several years past the craze of Twitch Plays Pokemon, Twitch Plays TFT is largely helmed by a few mods and chat-goers. As of typing this, it's pulling about 200 average viewers. Those in the channel seem set on winning and cooperating rather than purposefully annoying each other, which is likely how they've already risen to the rank of Gold 4.

It's a different kind of beast than Twitch Plays Pokemon, but for all the fun and chaos of watching Twitch chat try to cut down a tree years ago, it's heartwarming to see a chat that bands together to win games. The Twitch Plays TFT chat has a lot of lighthearted discussion about when to buy or save, which builds will pan out the best, and what units to focus on. So as Twitch Plays TFT continues to climb the ranks, I hope it retains some of that heart. Chaos can reign in other games.

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Eric Van Allen

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