Twitch Prime Members With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Can Get an Inbred Purple Chocobo

Twitch Prime Members With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Can Get an Inbred Purple Chocobo

Thanks for subscribing. Now come get your freak of nature.

If you're a Twitch Prime member who's playing Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, you're entitled to two rewards from now through April 21. One of them is predictable but practical (some cash—10,000 gil, to be precise), and one of them is … well, it's a purple Chocobo with effed-up eyes. Its name is Kooky, and it needs a good home before it gets a one-way tour of Final Fantasy XV's equivalent of KFC.

Twitch Prime is a "premium Twitch experience" included with Amazon Prime. Twitch Prime members get several benefits, including special in-game loot, channel subscriptions, ad-free viewing, and occasional oddities like big purple Chocobos who exited their eggs from the wrong direction. It's an interesting deal, and the first of many for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition according to Twitch's official blog. Will Kooky be the plaster that mends the USgamer's divided opinion of Final Fantasy XV? Probably not.

Hey, know how Final Fantasy VII lets you breed Chocobos ad nauseum? And you can breed brothers and sisters in hopes of getting the gene set necessary for the rare Gold Chocobo? Maybe Kooky is an early cautionary tale for anyone who's thinking of similarly befouling their Chocobo lines in the Final Fantasy VII remake (whenever it finally decides to arrive). Consider yourself warned.

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