Twitch Starts Its Own eSports Tournament: The Rocket League Championship Series

Twitch Starts Its Own eSports Tournament: The Rocket League Championship Series

Psyonix and Twitch have joined forces to show you people who play Rocket League better than you do.

Twitch and developer Psyonix today announced a partnership to create the Rocket League Championship Series, an official eSports league for the fan-favorite game. All matches in the Championship Series will be broadcast exclusively on Twitch and the streaming company will handle all tournament operations.

"From the moment we hit the pitch last July, we knew that Rocket League was a legitimate esport," said Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham. "Twitch and its streamers have been an instrumental part of our success since we launched last July, and that made them a perfect match for us. We couldn't be more thrilled to be working with a team that we respect as highly as we do Twitch, and we can't wait to show the world what we can do in esports together!"

"The Twitch community has collectively rallied around Rocket League to help it achieve organic success on our platform," said Twitch director of eSports Operations Nick Allen. "By working with Psyonix to build an official professional league around this grassroots phenomenon, Rocket League's legions of players and fans can potentially turn their passion into a career."

Allen left Riot Games in July of last year to join Twitch, probably to start building out new Twitch services and operations like this.

Players can register for the first season of the Rocket League Championship Series starting in March. Teams of three are required, PlayStation 4 is the platform of choice, the season will be three months long with a prize pool of $75,000.

Rocket League getting its own eSports League is kind of a no-brainer. The game is tailor made for eSports, given the fact that the entire field of play is a futuristic version of soccer. This sounds like Psyonix also realized what it had on its hands, but lacked the resources to really handle a tournament scene, since they're a small indie developer.

Enter Twitch, who is already seeing strong viewership from Rocket League streams. Twitch gets exclusive Rocket League games and gains more experience in building its own eSports tournament series. Twitch has been the primary streaming service of tournaments like EVO, but this is the company being able to bring the entire operation in-house for the first time. If it works, you can probably expect Twitch to reach out to other smaller developers that have tournament-ready titles.

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