Twitch Trolls Viewers With Joke Skate 4 Reveal

Twitch Trolls Viewers With Joke Skate 4 Reveal

The hopes of Skate 4 fans everywhere were peaked and then once again dashed thanks to a cruel joke pulled by Twitch during an E3 Panel.

During an E3 Twitch Stream on Thursday (June 14), Twitch played the cruelest of jokes on its viewers, putting up a message that read “Up Next: Skate 4”, only to reveal the whole thing as a simple troll.

It’s fair to say that Skate fans are a little sore after E3, given that many had expected an announcement for a new game to feature at EA’s Press Conference. Not surprising then, that when Twitch announced that it had “one more thing” at the end of an E3 panel, and then flashed up a message stating that the next segment was to feature Skate 4, the chat collectively lost its mind. After a few brief moments of ecstasy, Twitch flashed up an emote of infamous troll Kappa, and Skate fans settled back into their holding pattern of wistful optimism.

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Skate 4 is one of the most hotly requested titles in all of gaming, and has become kind of a meta joke among the Twitch community. Watch the chat during any gaming announcement and you’ll see it dominated by cries of desperation from fans throwing up Skate 4 messages and emotes. The last Skate game, Skate 3 released back in 2010, and its online servers recently being resurrected only served to add more fuel to fire. Regardless of fan demands and expectations, though, Skate 4 was once again absent from E3, casting some serious doubts on whether we’ll ever get a new entry into the beloved skateboarding franchise.

Make sure you check out the video of how the troll played out, if only to see one of the most entertaining snapshots of Twitch Chat rage that the world has ever seen.

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