Tyranny's 'Bastard's Wound' Expansion is Out Today, but Critics Aren't Too Impressed

Is Bastard's Wound essential is the question.

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Obsidian's Tyranny was a breath of fresh air in the classic RPG space, and part of a PC RPG renaissance. Now the game's first expansion, Bastard's Wound, is out today, continuing your adventures as a morally ambiguous Fatebinder.

Tyranny takes place in a world where evil triumphed. Kyros the Overlord rules the different Tiers of the world and as the Fatebinder, you enforce Kyros' laws. There's some leeway about how to go about that, but you're essentially a bureaucrat/cop for an evil ruler. The new Bastard's Wound expansion adds a new region to the Tiers with a hidden settlement full of refugees and a new dungeon below it. Expect added quests, more loot, and a massive new area to explore.

The expansion coincides with a free update to the base game of Tyranny that adds more voice acting, an expanded third act for the game, and a new path that leads to an unseen ending. It should be noted that a rushed third act was one of the biggest complaints about the original Tyranny, so it's good to see it addressed in the free update.

Reviews for the expansion have been generally mixed, with praise for how Bastard's Wound weaves into the main game of the base Tyranny game. However, it's not quite essential for the game with the harshest critiques reserved for how unmemorable the expansion ends.

Bastard's Wound

Hardcore Gamer did praise the game saying, "Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound is an impressive piece of DLC as it takes the choice-heavy gameplay of Tyranny and seamlessly weaves it into the previously-made choices by the player. Whether or not this content is essential depends on how much someone enjoyed Tyranny[.]"

While on the other hand PCGamesN critiques the expansion for bugs and other problems, writing, "The expansion feels largely extraneous, though. It fleshes out the world a bit, adding some extra flavour to Kyros’s conquest of the Tiers, but it’s jarring going from world-shattering Fatebinder business to a random quest in a hole in a wall."

At $15 the expansion is probably targeted for players who want more of Tyranny, but the common consensus appears to be that while Bastard's Wound might not be the robust addition players want, more Tyranny now and in the future is a welcomed prospect.

You can check out the expansion here at its official Steam page where a complete bundled version of Tyranny including the expansion is on sale for nearly half off.

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