Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference Recap: Gods and Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion, and a Very Good Dog

Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference Recap: Gods and Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion, and a Very Good Dog

All of Ubisoft's announcements from today's show.

Ubisoft unveiled a new game called Gods and Monsters at their press conference today, and revealed that a Division movie will be distributed by Netflix. The rest of the announcements were a grab bag of trailers and a DLC announcements, a new streaming service, a roller derby game, and a mobile game.

The star of the show, obviously, was Watch Dogs Legion, a sandbox game set in London in which you can recruit and control a host of NPCs. The other star of the show was the dog that Jon Bernthal brought on stage for the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint presentation. Ubisoft knows exactly will make social media aflutter.

Here's everything we saw at the Ubisoft press conference.

Watch Dogs Legion features Assassin Grandma, Releasing March 2020

In a refreshing change for this press conference, Ubisoft began with actual gameplay for Watch Dogs Legion. It shows a cockney agent named Ian walking through London. Ian watches as a drone expert get accosted by a soldier, and responds by putting on a skull mask with a crown to engage. A drone opens fire, and Ian comes close to dying, but is able to escape. He then jumps into one of the city's famous taxis for a race through London. Alas, Ian gets ambushed and kill, and he is subsequently lost forever.

The gameplay subsequently cuts to an older woman named Helen looking out over the London Eye. She uses a robot spider to infiltrate Scotland Yard, then invades with a taser to steal some files. We need to introduce Assassin Grandma to Skyrim Grandma.

Finally, we meet Naomi, who rides a massive drone into a human trafficking area, then evades a drone with missiles. It finishes in a pub, where Naomi recruits Agent Jimmy to the cause. Jimmy becomes the newest member of Deadsec, and we get a big 'ol sizzle reel.

Looks like a pretty clever twist on the open world genre, to be honest. It makes Watch Dogs feels fresh, even if the Very English Dialogue is extremely grating. It'll be out March 6, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Features a Very Good Dog

Next from Ubisoft is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which included a dog on stage. Ubisoft knows how to get people's attention. It was presented by Jon Bernthal, who plays hero Cole D. Walker. Again, there was a dog on the stage.

We wrote extensively about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint when it was revealed a little while ago. As Mike writes, it mixes the Wildlands formula with survival, RPG mechanics, and even raids. Ubisoft also confirmed that it will have A.I. teammates. It should be right in the wheelhouse of the military fanboys who enthusiastically embraced the last game.

The Ghost Recon beta commences September 5, and it will be the second game to feature Terminator DLC (what is with the Terminator DLC). You can register for the beta now).

Ubisoft is Getting Its Own Streaming Service Called UPlay+

Following in the footsteps of Google and Microsoft, Ubisoft is announcing a new subscription streaming service called UPlay+. It will feature 100 games out of the gate, including DLC and classic games like Beyond Good and Evil, and will cost $14.99 per month. It also includes new releases like Watch Dogs Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It kicks off in September, and in 2020 it will be available on Stadia.

Rainbox Six Quarantine Gets a Teaser, But We Know Very Little About It

You know what needs zombies? Nothing, honestly. But Rainbow Six is getting them anyway, at least if reports that it is a spinoff of Rainbow Six's Outbreak mode are accurate. Rainbow Six Quarantine is the next game in the series, and we got a very brief teaser trailer and a quick introduction. Not much else to stay about this one.

Division 2 is Getting a Movie on Netflix and Details Its Roadmap

The Division 2 did a victory lap at Ubisoft's press conference, announcing that it will be free to play between June 13 and June 16. Ubisoft also unveiled a roadmap through the end of Episode 1 and all the way to Episode 3. Among other things, Episode 2 will take place in the Pentago, while Episode 3 will feature a manhunt against a former ally. The second raid is also dropping this fall, and regular content drops are commencing this weekend, so look forward to that. Finally, there will a Division film, which will be exclusive to Netflix.

Gods & Monsters is the New Game by the Creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft Quebec is working on a new project that focuses on the mythology of gods and their misadventures. Called Gods & Monsters, it stars a warrior and her giant bird companion. Compared to most Ubisoft games, Orpheus has a charming and bright watercolor look to it, and it has a good pedigree too, as it's being made by the team behind Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It's coming out very soon, specifically, February 25, 2020.

Roller Champions is a New Team PvP Roller Derby Game

As expected, Ubisoft a new game called Roller Champions at E3 2019. It's a roller derby game that will capture the "craziness of high speed racing," and it will have Team PvP multiplayer. You can download and play a pre-alpha E3 demo right now.

The Rest of the Ubisoft E3 2019 Announcements

  • A new TV show is being developed by the creator It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it's about game developers. Set in a studio working on a fictional MMORPG, it is a workplace comedy that appears to riff heavily on The Office. The show is being developed under consultation from Ubisoft, and stars Rob McElhenney as the overbearing Michael Scott-like creative director, Ian Grimm. It looks awful at first glance, but it has the right pedigree, so maybe it'll be good.
  • The heroes from Adventure Time are coming to Brawlhalla. Apparently it has 25m players, and it looks pretty fun. The new characters are available now.
  • A new Tom Clancy mobile game is coming out. It has Sam Fisher, which will undoubtedly make Splinter Cells longing for a sequel really sad.
  • As usual, Just Dance brought a musical act to their press conference. And honestly, that's all we need from Just Dance. And get this, it's STILL coming out on Wii! It'll be out in November.

You can find the rest of our E3 2019 coverage, including the other press conference recaps, right here. And here's the schedule for the rest of the press conferences through Tuesday.

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