Ubisoft Is Planning Ahead For 2020 With Three Unannounced Titles And More Content Drops

Ubisoft Is Planning Ahead For 2020 With Three Unannounced Titles And More Content Drops

Breakpoint plus three new games and a steady drizzle of ongoing content additions.

This coming E3 could be a big one for Ubisoft. In the company's fiscal earnings call today, chief executive officer Yves Guillemot and chief financial officer Frédérick Duguet discussed three looming, unannounced games set to launch in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020, as well as the content drip nature of the industry.

While they declined to say when in Q4 they would launch or comment further on the content —"You'll know more soon," said Duguet— Guillemot did elaborate on the range of these titles, saying they will be "very different types of games" that will address a "very diverse market." These three games accompany Ghost Recon Breakpoint as part of a large year for Ubisoft.

Duguet drew comparisons to the release of Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor in the same quarter, saying that worked very well. "We like the Q4 quadrant," said Duguet. "It's very favorable for us."

Another major trend Ubisoft plans to target is the rollout of content. Evolving, living games have been successful not just for titans like Fortnite, but for Ubisoft as well, in games like Rainbow Six Siege and The Division 2. Duguet said that in 60 days, The Division 2 had reached record levels for Ubisoft in terms of player engagement.

"Most of our games are going to come with drops of content on a more regular basis," said Guillemot. Pointing out Siege's already steady rollout, Guillemot said you can expect content drops coming regularly in future games like Breakpoint. "It's the new trend now in the industry, and those drops are making lots of people come back to the games and also spend money in them."

"And what is important is that we are doing this, focusing the improvement of our engines and tools to be more flexible and adaptable," said Duguet. "So that we come out with this extra content at a faster pace, in a more profitable manner."

We'll see what these games end up being. A Ubisoft creative director seemingly teased a new Splinter Cell just yesterday, but representatives said they were "joking." Alas. In the meantime, there's a new Division 2 raid out for anyone who is interested.

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