Ubisoft's Hiring Up For a VR Project Attached to One of Their Big IPs

Ubisoft's Hiring Up For a VR Project Attached to One of Their Big IPs

Is it for Splinter Cell? Assassin's Creed? The Rabbids?

Ubisoft has yet to bring any of their biggest franchises to virtual reality headsets with a dedicated game, but a new report suggests that's going to change quite soon. The company has started hiring at its studio in Dusseldorf, Germany for a VR project involving "one of Ubisoft's biggest IPs."

The report from VRFocus quotes an unidentifed Ubisoft spokesperson who says the company is looking to build a 50 person team for the project. As of right now, there are ten open jobs at the Dusseldorf studio with "VR" in the title. The listings all state that Ubisoft considers the unannounced game to be a "AAA VR project" involving "one of Ubisoft's great IPs." A position for a Senior Game Designer notes that "experience in RPG progression systems is a big plus" and a couple positions are looking for developers with experience in the Unity engine, but beyond that there are no discernible hints as to the type of VR game Ubisoft is making or what platforms it could come to.

In July, The Information reported that Facebook signed exclusive deals for Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell titles for Oculus. So far, Ubisoft's big VR projects have largely stuck to new IP and all of them have been released across multiple VR platforms.

Ubisoft hasn't confirmed or denied a deal with Facebook, but we know they're definitely bringing one of their established IPs to VR now. Whichever franchise this game ends up being a part of, and whether or not the game is exclusive to a given platform, we're curious to see what Ubisoft's approach ends up being. This is a year without a new Assassin's Creed title, and Ubisoft says the transition to next-gen consoles is the "right time" for new genres and new IP. Until more people add VR systems to their lives, perhaps Ubisoft sees VR as a good venue to show love to established franchises.

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