FIFA 19 is Getting UEFA Champions League - Game Releases on September 28

The much-requested tournament will be getting its own mode, and will be the main focus for this year’s The Journey single-player campaign.

EA has announced that UEFA Champions League will feature in FIFA 19. The news comes via EA’s E3 Press Conference, where the upcoming title was detailed. There will be a separate tournament mode dedicated to the Champions League, and it will also be a big part of The Journey single-player campaign this year.

This marks the first time the UEFA Champions League has featured in a FIFA game since 2008. The UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup will also be available in FIFA 19. The brand-new UEFA Champions League tournament mode allows players to progress from the Group Stages onwards, and to create their own custom version of the tournament as well.

The Champions League will act as the stage for the third and final part of the series’ story mode. The Journey: Champions will see Alex Hunter chasing the Champions League trophy in a new narrative-driven campaign. There will also be Champions League content in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team as well, though the exact details have yet to be announced.

This follows the news that FIFA 19 will release September 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. This year sees Cristiano Ronaldo sharing the cover with Neymar Jr. FIFA 19 adds several new features to the series, including a dynamic tactics system and the all new Active Touch Mechanic.

As a bonus, EA is celebrating World Cup season by making FIFA 18 complete with World Cup content completely free for a limited time. It is available now, so check it out before it goes.

We’ll be covering every E3 Press conference as it happens so stay tuned for further updates. You can check out the individual timings for every presentation at E3 by heading over to our E3 2018 Press Conference Guide.

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