Uncharted 4 - All Treasure Locations

Uncharted 4 - All Treasure Locations

Find all 109 Treasure collectibles in Uncharted 4.

This guide will show players how to find all 109 pieces of Treasure in Uncharted 4, unlocking the First Treasure, Treasure Hunter and Treasure Master PlayStation 4 trophies.

Finding Treasure in Uncharted 4 is both easy and difficult at the same time. Some of it will be right in front of you, and some will require you to explore areas that you didn’t even know existed. With this guide, we will help you find every piece of Treasure that Uncharted 4 has to offer. First, however, here are a few tips to help you locate Treasure on your own.

Uncharted 4 Treasure Tips

  • You can identify a piece of Treasure from how it glimmers. It’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, but Treasure has a unique look as you approach it.
  • Naughty Dog will hide Treasure in all the normal places, such as sneaky alcoves, behind stairs, or even on top of objects that you can climb on, but don’t have to.
  • You can see what Treasure you have and what you’re missing by returning to the main menu and viewing the Chapter Select option. Some have no Treasure.
  • When you pick up a piece of Treasure, it saves automatically. You don’t have to beat the chapter or save the game in order for it to count toward your total.
  • Even if the game is trying to tell you to go a certain way, don’t feel the need to rush. Take time to explore the environment and find Treasure.

Uncharted 4 Treasure Locations

Chapter 2: Infernal Place

Panamanian Cat Pendant: This piece of Treasure can be found in the well, just after Nathan is let out of his handcuffs by Vargas. Climb down to find it.

Navaja Folding Knife: The second and last piece of Treasure in this chapter is found once you enter the windows of the tower. It’s hidden in rubble.

Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job

Antique Padlock: As soon as the level begins, swim to the right and look under a log. You’ll find the first of four pieces of Treasure on the ocean floor.

Chiriqui Shark Trinket: Move forward from the last Treasure and you’ll find this one sitting on the opposite side of rocks that look like skeleton eyes.

Antique Pocketwatch: Square yourself with the shipping container entrance and swim out at about a 10 o’clock angle. The treasure is on the lip of a rock.

Antique Arcade Token: After you set foot on the boat, head up to the slightly raised platform and find this chapter’s last piece of Treasure on a wooden shelf.

Chapter 6: Once a Thief

Mughal Water Container: To find this Treasure, follow Sam from the start of the chapter. When he stops at a cliff overlooking the mansion, head left.

Nephrite Brass Cup: After Nate and Sam hang from a ledge to hide from two guards, climb up and find a piece of Treasure in the yard’s back corner.

Viking Cloak Clasp: Find your next piece of Treasure after the cut scene where you meet Sully. Turn around and go back into the room you just left.

Mother of Pearl Horn: After you exit the room with the previous treasure, turn right and go out onto the balcony to find the next Treasure.

Persian Bronze Bowl: After you enter the basement with Sam, look for big round tables. Your next piece of Treasure is tucked behind some crates.

Brass Barber’s Bowl: Treasure can be found after seeing the wait staff through a door. Head down the stairs to find the Treasure at the bottom.

Syrian Vase: This Treasure is found when Sam and Nate get back outside. Jump over a nearby railing and do some parkour to find Treasure on a rooftop.

Persian Candlestick: Once you go up the first ladder with Sam, turn left and climb onto the roof. Jump to a nearby balcony to find a piece of Treasure.

Mughal Dagger: The final bit of Treasure in this chapter is after Sam and Nate split up. When Nate starts swinging from pipes, look on a nearby pillar.

Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery

Redware and Silver Jug Flask: Find this Treasure by heading left as soon as the chapter begins. It’s up the hill between two rocks, sitting in the grass.

Bronze Boar: This Treasure is also found as soon as you start the chapter. Head right and down the hill, finding Treasure in a cave at the cliff’s edge.

Carved Wood Kashkul: This Treasure is in the area where you need to push the box. It’s at the edge of the cliff, far away from the door you blast open.

Carved Nut Bottle: Find more Treasure after you climb up the box in the last area. Look for a low cave, blowing up the boxes inside with dynamite.

Traveling Inkwell with Seal: Find this Treasure prior to the graveyard, in the area with the sliding. It’s under one of the platforms by the cliff.

Carved Ivory Vanitas: Treasure can be found just before you open the door to the graveyard. Climb up the wall to the left and find it by a statue.

Scottish Ha’Penny: Find a piece of Treasure after you go into the crypt in the graveyard. It’s in a side room near an area with fog covering the floor.

Slipjoint Clasp Knife: Players can find more Treasure just after leaving the graveyard. Look for a cave just prior to a fight with Shoreline mercenaries.

Pewter Singing Bird Box: This Treasure is found just after boosting Sam up to a ladder. Hop a small gap and search inside of a nearby cave for it.

Tortoise Shell Snuff Box: Just after climbing up a rock and taking a hand from Sam, climb back down the spot he was climbing up to find Treasure.

Persian Tailoring Scissors: The last bit of Treasure is after you jump some beams with a ship below. Look under a nearby staircase and to the right.

Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy

Lantern Mounted Flintlock: Before your cross over the first bridge, drop down to the left and look for a cave. The collectible is inside by a skeleton.

Strange Pendant: Complete the first puzzle and go through the door. Close to where Sam stops at a cliff, drop down to find Treasure in a cave.

Amatory Box: Just before you push a box down to climb on top of, drop off the edge and find a piece of Treasure on the side of the cliff.

Pewter Box: This Treasure is found just after a scene with Rafe and Nadine. Before you use your grappling hook, look in a side room.

Memento Mori Skull Watch: After climbing a box you can go left or right. Go right and drop off the side near the broken bridge to find Treasure.

Scottish Tipstaff: Get this Treasure after using your grappling hook on a box to cross a gap. You’ll find it in the corner of that same area.

Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers

Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box: The first Treasure of this chapter is found at the first ruins, with some broken stairs. Climb to the top to find your prize.

Eroded Flintlock Pistol: When you come to the first open area you’ll find a waterfall to the left. Drive behind it and there will be Treasure to grab.

Mughal Ivory Powder Flask: After you find your first pirate sigil with Sam, climb up the ruins to grab a bit of Treasure that’s sitting on some boxes.

Parchment Scroll: After finding the last piece, go to the next area and left. You’ll find two ruined structures. Treasure is on a box on the ground.

Ancient Fertility Idol: From the last Treasure, take the road to the right and look for a small rock you can climb over. The Treasure is found behind it.

Pocket Celestial Map: The next Treasure is after the battle with Shoreline. Stick to the left after you cross the bridge and find it on a broken building.

English Ale Bottle: After spotting the Shoreline trucks, head left to a ruined building, climbing on top and blowing up the barrels. The Treasure is inside.

Pewter Letter Cylinder: From the last, head to the other end of the field, keeping the hill on the left. The Treasure is down in a well.

English Musket Bandolier: Head up the hill on the same side as the well. You’ll find a Shorline outpost with a well. Drop down to find Treasure.

Mughal Box: Find a Treasure when you start going up the hill, keeping to the left. It’s in a ruined building with barrels stacked onto shelves.

Antique Tea Tin: Head up the hill to find another Shoreline outpost. Clear it, then blow a door open and go inside the building to find Treasure.

Scottish Two Pence Coin: Your next Treasure is at a tower with two optional conversations and a journal entry. Climb to the top for the Treasure.

Scottish Snuff Mull: Find a Treasure after you exit the 4x4 and go up some large steps. Ignore the door on your left and find Treasure beside it.

Brass and Ivory Tankard: After you blow a hole in the wall and raise a gate, find a piece of Treasure behind some boxes on the room’s left side.

Muff Pistol: In the same room as the previous Treasure. Head to the other side and shoot open some boxes. The Treasure is inside.

Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight

Earthenware Mug: For this Treasure, head down the stairs from the start and turn left, going to an alley. The Treasure is by a dumpster.

Antique Compass: On the right side of the market will be a vendor you can chat with. Buy the next piece of Treasure from him.

Nephrite and Jade Bowl: Grab Treasure in the side room after you climb into the clock tower window. Beside the room with the sigil.

Ivory Handle Dagger: Another Treasure is located near the top of the clock tower. It’s on a balcony above where you ring the final bell.

Brass Globe Hand Warmer: After falling back to the ground floor of the clock tower, search the rubble for Treasure before going downstairs.

Chapter 12: At Sea

Combination Lock Tobacco Box: Head to the big island on the left, past the shipwreck. Find some Treasure at the back of an alcove.

Brass Pocket Sundial: Return to the shipwreck and dive underwater. You’ll find a piece of Treasure if you swim inside the boat.

Persian Leather Notebook Case: Back at the big island, continue moving clockwise to a ledge. Reach it using your boat, finding Treasure on a cliff.

Panamanian Pendant: On the backside of the small island, on a very tiny beach, players can find a Treasure sitting by a bush at the back of the alcove.

Persian Silver Pen Box: Continue clockwise around the small island to find a bigger beach, and on the left side is a piece of Treasure inside a cave.

Silver and Wood Tankard: Find more Treasure on the same beach, sitting under a rock and at the base of a tree. It’s close to a journal entry.

Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl: Find Treasure after the compass puzzle. It’s on the main island, in a small cave on the right before the temple.

Mughal Elephant Carving: After you get separated from Sam by a collapsed bridge, look for a nearby cave that has Treasure on a rock at the back.

Ottoman Helmet: Treasure can be found inside a small building that Sam and Nate have to climb. Grab it before you start climbing on top of it.

Decanni Bronze Vase: More Treasure is found after using the grappling hook to cross a gap. Don’t slide downhill. Grab the Treasure on the left.

Strange Relic: After you slide down the mud hill there will be a path on the left. Follow it and do some climbing to grab a piece of Treasure.

Hamsa Mythical Goose: As you approach the temple you’ll see a statue with a spear. Use your grappling hook to reach it and grab Treasure.

Pique Tortoise Shell Box: After investigating a couple of rooms in the temple, find a piece of Treasure on the opposite side of the second room.

Chapter 13: Marooned

Persian Ring: You’ll find this Treasure after the rain stops, stuck in the cliff that sits between the waterfalls. Grab it while hanging.

Wood Tankard: Find this Treasure after you swing past a waterfall and the cliff nearly falls from under you. It’s in a nearby cave on the ground.

Spy Glass: After sliding down some rocks and jumping up into a cave, take the cave to the left and you’ll find Treasure by a pick-axe and barrel.

Dress Dirk: After a lot of combat, and grabbing a journal note off a skeleton, go in the cave to your left and you’ll find another piece of Treasure.

Frechen Bearded Bottle: After meeting Sam again you’ll end up in a collapsed building. Go straight instead of left and you’ll find this bit of Treasure.

Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise

Carved Horn Bird Sculpture: Before you jump down with Sam, climb up to your right and to the other side of the wall. There’s some Treasure by a cart.

Mughal Vase: In the main starting area there will be a building at the back right with a counter and set of stairs inside. The Treasure is in the back room.

Ancient Stone Pot: After going down some stairs you’ll see a statue. Go into the building on the right and find a piece of Treasure in the back right jail cell.

Painted Copper Bottle: To find this Treasure, head into the tunnels and climb up a ladder. Take the right fork in the path and you’ll get the collectible.

Mughal Jade Bottle: After a big battle with Shoreline, swing to a building and grab a journal note. In the next room, high above you, is a piece of Treasure.

Slipjoint Claspknife: This Treasure is found after grappling hook swing. When you see a large white building in front of you, go right and swing again to find it.

Large Bronze Boar: After you enter the white house you’ll swing across a gap to a wooden platform. Go left, not right, and you’ll find the Treasure.

Stout Vase: After climbing through a window and going for a slide, you’ll find some Treasure as you climb a large staircase, going right, not to the left.

Mughal Serving Vase: As you enter the area where the large battle took place, move through the right side corridor and find Treasure by a flipped chair.

Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

Emerald Flask: The only Treasure of this chapter is found in the back right corner of the room, under a cabinet or shelf that is sitting on an angle.

Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake

Toy Soldier: When the chapter begins, head right, past a couple of fountains and some hedges. You’ll find a bench with the Treasure sitting on the end of it.

Toy Seaplane: This Treasure is found when you see a couple benches sitting at the bottom of some stairs. Go up the stairs and you’ll find this collectible.

Pirate Snowglobe: After pushing the bookshelf and climbing up, look behind you and jump to the balcony to grab the final Treasure of this chapter.

Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

Mughal Flared Vase: When you climb up the first ladder with Elena, follow her to an optional conversation, and then grab a Treasure at the cliff’s edge.

Mughal Hinged Box: After being attacked by Shoreline as you hang from a beam, swing to land and turn right, dropping off the cliff to find Treasure.

Jade Serving Bowl: After you pull down the balcony with the winch, hop back over and climb up to find some Treasure sitting outside on a balcony.

Ancient Stone Bowl: You’ll get this Treasure just after Elena hits the Shoreline guys with her car. Follow the cliff ledge behind the car to get the collectible.

Pewter Incense Burner: Before you reach the third elevator, on the right (even before the water wheel) is a building. Out the back window is the Treasure.

18th Century Combination Lock: You’ll find this Treasure at the third elevator. It’s actually in the building next to the working water wheel.

Chapter 18: New Devon

Mughal Stout Vase: In the first area, move forward and follow the water as it hooks left, finding some Treasure tucked away in a corner.

Small Mughal Dagger: In the first area, on the right side is a hanging cage with a skeleton on it. Climb the beams and jump to it to get the Treasure.

Mughal Candle Holder: After hopping the all and falling into the water, go left, climbing out of the water and finding a Treasure in the back left corner.

Mughal Circular Box: As you continue on you’ll find water with a strong current. At the base of the waterfall is your next bit of Treasure.

Mughal Headdress: This Treasure is found after sliding through a building and landing in the water. Before you enter the next building, dive underwater and find it.

Spanish Brass Chalice: After climbing up to the second floor of the next house and passing through a bedroom, find a Treasure at the far end of a hallway.

Mughal Painted Elephant: Walk past the entrance to Avery’s home and by the cannons. You’ll find the Treasure on a thin ledge against the white wall.

Mughal Dinnerware: Find this Treasure in the final room in Avery’s house. Go up the spiral staircase and follow the balcony to find the collectible.

Chapter 19: Avery’s Descent

Ancient Stone Vessel: After inspecting one of the mummy’s that doesn’t explode, go left into the little tunnel and you’ll find the first Treasure of this chapter.

Mughal Decorative Cudgel: After you get the key, but before you get to the puzzle you can grab a bit of Treasure from a cave near a mermaid.

Chapter 20: No Escape

Jade Flower Pendant: In the ship graveyard, just before using your grappling hook, turn around and jump to a platform that contains the first Treasure.

Stoneware Bearded Jug: When you head down some stairs into a stone village, turn left and look for a door behind the stairs to find the Treasure.

Stout Jade Vase: As everyone is crossing the collapsed wooden bridge, go into the nearby house and you’ll get another Treasure for your collection.

Painted Spouted Vase: After ferrying everyone across the water, look for a blue house. On the second floor you’ll find yet another Treasure.

Mughal Perfume Bottle: The final Treasure of the chapter is just outside the blue house, inside of another building with the corner blown off of it.

Chapter 21: Brother’s Keeper

Mughal Enamel Bird: After looking at some tracks you’ll swing to a beam, but instead of going forward, swing to a ledge behind you and grab the Treasure.

Stone Vase: As you enter a cave, drop down and look near the back right. You’ll see a turtle scamper away, and near there will be a piece of Treasure for you.

Strange Fruit: When you use your grappling hook to hang down and look at Avery’s ship, swing into a crevice, not to the wall, and grab some Treasure.

Rajasthan Box: You’ll find this Treasure after you fall into the very clear water. Turn around and look for a cave near a small waterfall to find it.

Chapter 22: A Thief’s End

Mughal Egg Pendant: As soon as the chapter begins, dive underwater and look behind you and to the right. The Treasure is in a small cave or tunnel.

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