Uncharted 4: Chapter 10 - The Twelve Towers

Uncharted 4: Chapter 10 - The Twelve Towers

Locate the pirate sigils in The Twelve Towers.

This walkthrough will show gamers how to beat Chapter 10, titled Uncharted 4: The Twelve Towers, including finding the sigils that the Drakes are searching for.

Spend the first five or so minutes driving around and getting the feel for the 4x4 in Uncharted 4, but soon you’ll spot a tower and arrive at its base. Head up there with Sam and take a look around.

Each time you find a tower, search for a sigil close by. They’re the clues that will help you with a puzzle in an upcoming chapter. For The Twelve Towers, however, finding these sigils is your primary goal. The sigil you just located with Sam belongs to Christopher Condent.

Keep an eye out for towers that contain a sigil, like the one in the image above.

When you’re ready to move on from the tower, use the winch on the front of the car, running it up the hill and wrapping it around the tree. This will allow you to drive up the steep incline.

As you enter the next area you can go left or right. Left had some Treasure, but not much else. When we went back right we found more Treasure, and the only path that allowed us to progress. It led to another tower, and a field full of Shoreline.

Make sure you approach the center tower from this dirction to avoid detection.

To find your second sigil of The Twelve Towers, leave your 4x4 and go to the right side of the tower. Stealth kill the guard in the small ruins, then approach the center tower and stealth kill the guy closest to you again. Ascend the tower and kill the sniper, stealing his rifle. Use that rifle to pick off the Shoreline folk below. When you get the all-clear, head down and look at a set of ruins left of the tower from where you parked the 4x4. Use the detonator to blow open a door, finding the sigil of Adam Baldridge inside.

Continue with The Twelve Towers by grabbing your 4x4 and heading across the bridge on the opposite side of the tower. When it collapses, use the winch to pull down the bridge and drive up the other side. Head for the mountain in the distance to find more ruins filled with Shoreline. These guys are easier to deal with than the previous batch.

Go clockwise to stealth kill the enemies here, but you won’t find a sigil. You can skip this area, or clear it out and use the detonator to blow open another door, grabbing some Treasure. Continue along the path when you’re ready.

When you come to an abandoned tower, climb to the top to grab some more Treasure, then go back down and have an optional conversation with Sully. When you’re done, hop in the 4x4 and it’s on to the next tower.

Use your grappling hook to get to the far side of the tower, then again to reach another near the cliff. There’s a sigil here for Anne Bonny. Talk to Sam about it, then climb the tower and send the crate to the main ruins via a zip-line. Push the crate into position, then climb up and use the crank to lower the drawbridge. This will trigger a fight with Shoreline, but there’s nothing new or special about this. Kill the mercenaries, stopping only when the last one is dead.

Continue with The Twelve Towers until you must use the winch to drive up a hill. Deal with a minor inconvenience, then cross another sketchy bridge to the final tower.

This is the minor inconvenience that we mentioned in the paragraph above.

Exit the 4x4 and climb the stairs. Head left, ignoring the door and grabbing the Treasure around the side. Bust down the door head downstairs. Toss a red barrel at the bricked over door, shooting it to blow a hole in the wall. Follow Sam until a cinematic plays out.

Your final game play portion of The Twelve Towers will be to fight through more Shoreline. There are heavily armored folks with shotguns, and they take an entire AK-47 magazine to down. You can also stun them with grenades and kill them with headshots. Either way, fight through the waves of mercenaries until you’re clear. When the fighting ends, grab the map from Sam to complete the chapter.

Visit our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough to see a list of all chapters. You can also go directly from The Twelve Towers to Uncharted 4: Chapter 11 - Hidden in Plain Sight if you’d prefer to get back at it right away.

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