Uncharted 4: Chapter 12 - At Sea

Uncharted 4: Chapter 12 - At Sea

Finish the pirate puzzle in the At Sea chapter.

This walkthrough will help players complete Chapter 12 in Uncharted 4, titled At Sea, which includes a pirate puzzle involving rotating spheres and silhouettes.

Continue Uncharted 4 by driving between the islands, looking for a tower on the eastern side. Park the boat along the shore, and make your way to the tower. If you docked at the inner shore, there should be a stone staircase to the left that leads to the tower.

Climb the ladder inside the tower and begin making your way to the top. On the upper floor, climb outside the window and hang along the ledge. Move to the left, and grapple to the beam to reach the wooden platform. Enter the room at the top and locate the chevron symbol on the back wall.

Rappel down the tower and head left toward the beach where the next symbol is located. Take note of the direction the symbol is pointing, then use the boat to drive in that direction. You’ll see more symbols along the way. Follow them to curve around the left side of the islands as you continue with At Sea. You will eventually reach a symbol that points into a cave entrance. Park the boat on the shore inside the cave.

The cave stairs are incomplete, so you’ll have to find another way to the top. Look for a large stone pillar in the center of the water near where you parked your boat. Climb up the series of ledges around the pillar to reach the upper cave wall, then grapple to the far wall beside the stairs. Drop down onto the upper section of stairs to proceed.

Head toward the main gate in the center. To the left of the main gate are a series of cliff-hang points leading to an upper ledge. Climb up and clear the debris. Jump over the gap to the left and cliff-hang your way to the top. Walk across the beam to the left, and pass under the footbridge to find a small ladder on the left side.

At Sea continues when you boost Sam up the ladder. When he crosses, the bridge will break and create a new ladder for you to climb. Use the long bridge section to climb to the upper platform. Collect the Treasure in the archway ahead, then climb up the wooden platform just outside of where you found the Treasure. Make your way across the platforms to reach Sam.

Look for a grapple point on a tree near the broken bridge. Attach your rope to the tree and jump over the edge opposite the bridge. Swing to the ledge on the pillar directly beneath the platform you were on, and climb around the side to find another grapple point. Swing across to the next ledge, and climb up the pillar. Swing across once more to the far ledge. Climb to the top, and you should see a tower to the right.

Climb up to the top, go across the beam, then slide down the path ahead. When you slide down the next patch of mud, be ready to grapple onto the pole held by one of the statues. Swing to the platform behind the statue, then grapple once more to reach the bottom. Enter the archway on the right and examine the items in the room. Head back to the center and go through the left archway. Stand on the symbol on the ground, then help Sam lift the gate door.

Activate the center wheel to begin the pirate puzzle in At Sea. You must turn the wheel to rotate the symbols around the room. The goal is to match the symbols on the stone spheres with the shadows projected from the light beams. There are three stages to the puzzle, and each time you solve a portion correctly, a pirate statue will pop up. We’ve included images for the three main puzzle solutions above.

Go up the steps and pull the lever. Climb the ledges to the left and slide down the rope to a lower platform. Return to your boat, and drive back to the shore where the Avery statue is located. Boost up to the top of the statue, and look through the telescope.

If you’re done with At Sea, continue on to Uncharted 4: Chapter 13 - Marooned, or visit our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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