Uncharted 4: Chapter 13 - Marooned

Uncharted 4: Chapter 13 - Marooned

Eliminate the island mercenaries in Marooned.

This walkthrough will show players how to finish Chapter 12 in Uncharted 4, titled Marooned. This chapter is a bit more action oriented, as you must take on a group of mercenaries rather than solve a major puzzle. We will help you take on the hostiles and track down Sam.

As Uncharted 4 continues, walk forward along the beach and climb over a fallen tree over to the right. Climb up the flat rock platforms ahead and carefully scoot around the right cliff. Open the supply box down on the beach, then keep climbing up the cliff ledges past the fallen tree.

Continue around the right side of the cliff. When you reach a small waterfall, be prepared for a hard landing. Get up, and notice the signal in the distance. That’s where you need to go, so move along the cliffs to the left to start heading in that direction. As you climb toward the large waterfall, look for a path to the left where you can grapple to a higher ledge.

Proceed through the Marooned chapter by climbing the cliff-hang ledges around the right side of the cliff. Just before the large waterfall, climb upward and stand on the top platform. Attach your rope to the nearby grapple point, and swing across to the platform on the opposite side of the waterfall. Enter the cave on the left. Climb to the center pillar and make your way to the top of the small waterfall at the back.

Collect the Treasure inside the waterfall cave, and follow the stream of water to the right. This leads to a path out of the cave. Examine the corpses, picking up the note on the ground. Climb up the white ledges on the right, and proceed upward. Pull out the Piton that holds the hanging corpse, and use your new tool to climb up the porous surface above.

When you reach the top, leap across to the ledges on the adjacent pillar with more porous surfaces. You’ll encounter some mercenaries as you turn the corner, so try to stay in cover. Approach one of the lone mercenaries from the ledge below, and reach up to pull him off the cliff to obtain his weapon. Carefully make your way across the cliff platforms, taking down mercenaries along the way. Tag enemies from a distance to keep track of their movements, and keep an eye on the indicator above their heads to avoid being spotted.

Marooned continues when you reach a tall pillar beyond the mercenary filled area. Look for a grapple point beside a large tree above, and swing across to the small platform on the right. Follow the path as it curves around the corner. Pick up the note on the corpse on the upper ledge. Collect the Treasure in the passage to the left, then climb up the white ledges to the right of the corpse.

After the cut scene, follow the path through the ruins and enter one of the far buildings through a hole in the roof. Crawl through the debris on the left and proceed through the small crawlspace. Explore the passage for some Treasure, then exit beneath the wood boards leading to an open room.

You’ll need to find a way to reach the upper window on the right. Enter the room to the left, and proceed to the end of the right hallway. Push the crate out the window, then head back to the large open room. Climb onto the crate and out the upper window above.

Stand on the platform and observe the scenery to conclude the Marooned chapter. Continue on to Chapter 14 - Join Me in Paradise, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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