Uncharted 4: Chapter 14 - Join Me in Paradise

Uncharted 4: Chapter 14 - Join Me in Paradise

Navigate the pirate ruins in Join Me in Paradise.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 14 in Uncharted 4, titled Join Me in Paradise. We will help you navigate through the cliffside ruins, taking down hostile mercenaries along the way. This chapter focuses more on action and doesn’t involve a major puzzle. Be prepared for quite a bit of leaping and grappling. Hopefully you aren’t afraid of heights.

Hop down from the roof and begin exploring Libertalia in Uncharted 4. There are various Treasures hidden throughout the ruins. Be sure to check the buildings along the right side to discover a Note and other items. Explore the ruins, taking note of various signs along the way.

When you’re satisfied with all there is to find in this area, head towards the buildings beyond the mist on the far right and locate what appears to be a building with crude jail cells. Enter the adjacent building across from this one, and hop over the wood barrier on the first floor. Duck below the wood ramp and enter the dark tunnel.

Continue through Join Me in Paradise by proceeding through the hideout. Be sure to examine maps and items along the way. Climb the ladder at the far end of the hideout and pass through the upper level. Attach your rope to the pole on the far left wall, and rappel down the well into the open chasm.

Swing across to the platform, and watch out for the mercenaries on the building nearby. The goal is to cross the ruins and get past the mercenaries to reach the structure on the opposite side. Crouch in the foliage to avoid being spotted, and use tactical takedowns to quietly neutralize enemies. Use your weapon to tag enemies ahead of time and track their movements.

After clearing out the hostiles, make your way through the windows on the far right building. Continue to jump, grapple, and climb your way through the ruins. Look for a large pole with several prongs sticking out from the top. You can jump to this pole to make your way around the corner of the outer structures. If you see more mercenaries in the distance, you’re going the right way. Clear out the mercenaries and proceed through the buildings along the cliff face.

Boost Sam into one of the windows on the far side, then climb up. Scoot along the narrow beam and drop down into the next room. Open the double doors, and mind the drop. Carefully scoot around the corner of the overhanging building, then climb up a ladder just inside the doorway. Climb along the outside to reach the top of the broken tower. Grapple to a nearby beam, and swing across to reach the adjacent building. Keep grappling to reach the far building with the hole in the wall. Climb through the hole, and slide into the ornate building ahead.

Join Me in Paradise continues through the administration building. Explore the upper balconies for Treasure, then proceed through the square doorway on the left. Crouch beneath the debris at the end of the passage, and make your way to the large open courtyard. Examine the ruins, then head up the main stairs in the center to enter a corridor lined with statues. Pull the lever to the left to unlock the large gold doors, and push them open with Sam to enter the next room.

When you're finished with Join Me in Paradise, go directly into Chapter 15 - The Thieves of Libertalia, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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