Uncharted 4: Chapter 15 - The Thieves of Libertalia

Uncharted 4: Chapter 15 - The Thieves of Libertalia

The adventure continues with The Thieves of Libertalia.

This walkthrough will serve as a guide for Chapter 15 of Uncharted 4, titled The Thieves of Libertalia. This chapter is more action oriented, and serves to progress the storyline. Follow our steps to make your way to the tower.

Begin this chapter of Uncharted 4 by exploring the remains of the treasury. Examine the items strewn about the room, including a Note inside one of the chests on the floor, as well as a manifest in a side drawer. When prompted, speak with Sam about your observations.

Afterward, move to the right side of the room and help Sam move the display case. Wait for him to finish turning the lever. Climb onto the nearby shelving and grapple to the newly raised chandelier. Swing across to the chain on the other side of the room. Swing once more and leap toward the far wall to cling to an exposed wood beam.

Climb across the Thieves of Libertalia paintings to reach the stone platform on the upper wall. Climb through the window at the corner of the tower, and make your way up the stairs. Climb onto the outer platform, and look for a grapple point up to the right. Swing around the corner, and grab onto the bars outside the window. Continue climbing up the outside of the tower and into the upper floor. Boost Sam up, and wait for him to push down a chest for you to climb onto. Join him on the next floor, and proceed up the ladder to reach the very top of the tower.

Brace yourself, as things are about to get hectic. After observing the scenery from the crow’s nest, begin climbing back down the outside of the tower, and prepare for an explosive surprise. Climb through the lower window and continue downward. When you reach the bottom, prepare to quickly grapple before sliding off the edge. Climb up the rope, and try to avoid getting shot by the hostile forces across the chasm. Leap across the crumbling tower to reach the building on the opposite side.

Watch out for mercenary fire as you run forward along the ruined path. Don’t bother trying to shoot at the hostiles on the left. Continue through the double doors with Sam, and keep moving. Watch out for a grenade as you approach the left doorway.

As you slide down the debris, be ready to grab onto some white bricks just before the drop. Swing into the building, then go back out the window to climb the outer wall. At the top, you’ll encounter Nadine. After the rough landing, prepare for some fisticuffs, as well as some quick-time events during the scuffle. Once you are knocked out of the window, climb along the wood ledges to the right on the outer wall and grapple around the corner to get back into the room.

Shortly after leaping back into the room, you’ll end up on a lower stone platform in a bit of a predicament. The chapter concludes after a cinematic. If you’re all done with The Thieves of Libertalia, continue on to Chapter 16 - The Brothers Drake, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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