Uncharted 4: Chapter 16 - The Brothers Drake

Uncharted 4: Chapter 16 - The Brothers Drake

Learn the origin of The Brothers Drake.

This walkthrough will help players complete Chapter 16 in Uncharted 4, titled The Brothers Drake. In this chapter, details are revealed about Nate and Sam’s past.

Begin this special Uncharted 4 chapter by going up the small sets of stairs and following the path to the left. Climb onto the roof of the shed. Get onto the adjacent garage roof and leap toward the window ledge. Climb to the upper balcony and enter the open window.

The attic is dark, but luckily Sam brought a flashlight. Start searching the attic for items of interest. Examine the Note on the desk to the left, then follow Sam down the hatch. Continue searching the area for the notebooks Sam mentioned. There is another note in the room around the corner to the left. Proceed through the hallway to the right, and help Sam open the door.

Examine the items throughout the room. Pick up the Treasure at the top of the staircase to the right, then head down the other set of stairs on the left. Just ahead of the door, open the box on the floor to discover another notebook. Pass through the pantry on the right and proceed to the kitchen. Search the room for more goodies, and be sure to give the globe a whirl.

After some brief dialogue, continue The Brothers Drake by entering the next room. Pass through the dining hall, examining items along the way. The doors at the top of the white stairs are both are locked. We’ll help you find a way in soon. There are several notes and other interesting items throughout the main room. Keep examining items to unfold the narrative.

When you’re finished exploring the rooms and are satisfied with your findings, go toward the windows and help Sam move the bookshelf. Shake the photo and wait for it to develop. Climb onto the bookshelf, and jump to the ledge above the window. Move left along the ledge and go around the corner. Climb onto the ship wheel, and jump up once more to reach the vent above.

Crawl into the air vent, and proceed down the second opening on the left. Kick open the grate at the end of the vent passage, then drop down into the room. Pick up the key on the desk beside the bed. Be sure to explore the room for other items before leaving, including the Note on the desk near the window.

Unlock the door to the room you’re in, then unlock the door to the next room. Open the box beneath the desk in the center of the room and examine the items. After the cinematic, exit the room and go out the window.

Climb along the gutter, then leap across to the next rooftop section. Climb down the chimney and make your way to the ground level. Follow Sam through the yard, and try not to get caught. Climb onto the dumpster and vault over the wall to exit the area.

After another cinematic, the chapter will conclude. After discovering the origins of The Brothers Drake, continue directly on to Chapter 17 - For Better or Worse, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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