Uncharted 4: Chapter 17 - For Better or Worse

Uncharted 4: Chapter 17 - For Better or Worse

Reach the elevator in For Better or Worse.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 17 in Uncharted 4, titled For Better or Worse. We’ll help you join up with Elena and head to New Devon.

Start this chapter of Uncharted 4 by heading up the path across the stream. Boost Elena up the ladder on the left, then climb the ladder when it drops down. Curve to the right once you notice the elevator. Climb up the porous surface on the cliff face across the gap. Boost Elena up the ladder to the left of the waterfall, and look for a way up.

Attach your rope to the crate, then pull the crate toward the pillar in the center of the water. Hop onto the crate to reach the ledges on the pillar. Climb to the top of the pillar, then cross the log ahead. Be careful as you jump across the broken bridge, and be ready to grapple as you slide down the mud. Swing to the wall, and climb onto the platform beside the waterwheel.

Wait for the elevator to come down. Grab onto the wood boards of the elevator to proceed with For Better or Worse. Ride the elevator upward, then make your way around the left side of the stone wall. Watch out for mercenaries when you reach the hanging wood beams. You will hear the mercenaries talking when you get close. Take out the hostiles, then meet up with Elena.

You can now reach the Treasure at the bottom that was across the broken bridge from earlier. Drop down the small stairs to reach the item. Return to the upper ledge, jump across to the pillar, then jump once more to reach a path with an archway. Several mercenaries are surrounding Elena’s vehicle. Tag them with your weapon to track their movements, and make your way toward the truck.

Neutralize each mercenary, using the foliage to stay in cover. Watch out for the sniper in the tower. Keep an eye on the indicators over their heads to avoid being spotted. Afterward, hop into the truck and drive toward the waterfall. Follow the river and drive through the archway from earlier. Continue upstream, and head up the path to the left of the waterfall.

For Better or Worse continues when you reach the elevator at the end of the path. Drive toward the waterwheel and park facing the wall. Attach a winch to the front of your truck, then attach the other end to the wood beam to clear the debris. Climb up the structure and grab the Treasure on the second floor. Push the crate against the right wall, then climb to the next floor. Go out the window and around the structure.

Wait for Elena to pull the beam, then hop across onto the waterwheel. Continue to the right, and push the elevator mechanism. Quickly run to reach the elevator. Watch out for more mercenaries along the cliff as you ride upward. Jump onto the nearby pillar, and clear out the enemies at the top. Grapple across toward the elevator to meet Elena.

Get back in the truck and drive up the path. Drive across the rapids to reach the dam at the top. Get out and climb onto the platform in the center of the river. Grapple across to reach the broken bridge to the left.

Go up the stairs and turn the wheel. Climb across the gate doors to the right platform, and turn the second wheel to open the other gate door. Return to the truck and drive up the mud path to the right. Gather some speed to clear the gap across the broken bridge. Proceed to the top of the river.

Go up the small ladder on the right and explore the hut for a Note and a piece of Treasure out the back window. Hold open the elevator gate while Elena brings the car to the lift. Pull the lever and ride to the top. Lift the gate once more and drive forward along the path. Cross the bridge, and brace yourself for a hard landing.

Prepare to grapple to a branch just before the drop off. Swing toward the cliff and go up the ledges ahead. Collect the Note on the ledge to the right, then climb to the top of the waterfall. Continue up the path to reach the broken bridge once more. When you’ve finished For Better or Worse, head straight into Chapter 18 - New Devon, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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