Uncharted 4: Chapter 18 - New Devon

Uncharted 4: Chapter 18 - New Devon

Explore the ruins of New Devon.

This walkthrough will help players complete Chapter 18 in Uncharted 4, titled New Devon. Explore the ruins of New Devon to discover what happened to its inhabitants, eliminating hostiles along the way.

Proceed through Uncharted 4 by going forward from the broken bridge. Collect the Treasure near the far left wall if you wish. The path ahead is lined with wood posts that you must climb across. Climb onto a pillar in the center of the marsh and jump to the first post with the hanging cage. Jump forward across several more posts to reach a ledge on the far wall. Jump up to the cage, and go up the bricks to the top of the wall.

Jump down into the pool of water and head around the left corner. Follow the wooden planks and head through the ruined building on the left. Examine the Note on the bed, then climb to the second level to observe a wall symbol. Drop down through the doorway beside the symbol, and watch out for hostiles across the pond.

Crouch through the New Devon foliage and dive underwater to prevent being spotted. Proceed to take down each hostile in the structure, marking them with your weapon first if needed. Watch out for the sniper on the far right near the bridge when you reach the upper floors. Keep an eye out for dropped weapons and supply boxes if you run low on ammo.

Once you’ve eliminated all the hostiles, head up the steps and go past the bridge on the right side. Enter the cave behind the bridge and climb up the stone slabs on the left. Drop into the pool of water and swim beneath the underwater opening. Crouch through the passage to the right and climb up the ledge. Stand on the edge of the broken step. Jump across to the protruding branch, then swing to the grassy platform to exit the cave.

Grab the Note from the nearby table, as well as a Treasure beside the waterfall. Grapple to the ledge beside the waterfall and push down the crate. Attach your rope to the crate and pull it onto the far right platform at the end of the stream. Use the crate to climb to the upper floor.

As you walk across the rooftop to observe the view of New Devon, brace yourself for the collapse. Swim through the house on the left. Pass through the corridor and climb up to the second floor. Inspect a few Treasure items on this floor before you proceed. Drop through the window and head up the ledges outside to find a series of cannons on the left.

Enter the next house. Stand on the beam to the right and wait for Elena to act as a counterweight. Go forward to the next beam and jump across the water to reach the lattice on the opposite wall. Climb around the corner to the upper floor and push down the bookcase for Elena. On the same floor, clear the bookcase blocking a hole in the wall. Go through the hall and open the double doors.

After the cut scene, continue through the next room and follow the grass path. Climb up the pillar ahead and enter the house. Slide down the hole on the left, and go upstairs in the next room. When you begin to push open the white doors, prepare for gunfire.

Eliminate the hostiles, then proceed through the doors. Read the note beside the corpse and continue through the doors at the end of the hall. Examine the items in the room, and head down the new stairs when they appear.

Pull the lever to open the gate at the end of the path, then enter the passage to begin the next chapter. Now that you know the secrets of New Devon, you can head straight into Chapter 19 - Avery’s Descent, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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