Uncharted 4: Chapter 19 - Avery’s Descent

Uncharted 4: Chapter 19 - Avery’s Descent

Safely traverse the deathtrap in Avery’s Descent.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 19 in Uncharted 4, titled Avery’s Descent. We will help you safely across the floor panel deathtrap puzzle and catch up with the enemies.

Begin this chapter of Uncharted 4 by opening the gate and proceeding through the dark passage. Follow the footprints straight through the corridor. As you round the corner, you’ll discover a room with wood floor panels that have spikes underneath. Be sure to follow the muddy footprints to cross the panels and safely reach the other side of the room.

Continue to follow the footprints to a blocked opening. Clear the debris, only to find that the passage is still blocked. You’ll have to find another way through. At some point, your flashlight will start to die. Shake the controller to revive it if possible. When the flashlight goes out, Elena has another solution. Take the torch and continue to look for a way out.

Walk up to the pillar in the center of the room. Boost Elena up to the floor above, then climb up yourself. Crawl through the passage and drop down the hole. The tunnel ahead contains a trap, so be prepared for a quick time event. Proceed through the passage, being mindful of the explosive corpses ahead. Vault over the bricks and run forward to avoid the explosion.

Continue through Avery’s Descent by sliding through the hole in the wall to the right near the end of the tunnel. Once at the bottom, climb up the ledges to the right and drop down into the adjacent room. The left tunnel will become blocked once you set off the mummies. Head through the opening on the right and drop down to the water.

Walk forward and carefully set off the mummies in the passage ahead. Back away quickly to avoid the blast. Several more traps line the tunnel ahead. When sliding down into the next room, keep to the right to avoid the explosive mummies at the bottom. Examine the mummy on the right, then slide into the tunnel directly behind the mummy to obtain a Treasure. Climb back to the main room and head through the right tunnel.

Follow the footprints through the passage. There are enemies ahead of the small pool of water, so be prepared to fight. Watch out for the grenade they lob through the entryway. Eliminate the enemies in the room ahead, using crates and pillars to take cover. Push through the passage, taking down any hostile forces along the way.

After the exploding mummies come in handy, continue Avery’s Descent by dropping through the hole in the floor. Head up the stairs and open the gate at the far end of the room. Pick up the key, then read the nearby note. Flip the note over and examine the symbols on the back. These are your clues for later.

The room ahead contains several more explosive traps. Go forward through the tunnel ahead. Watch out for more explosives when you drop down at the end. Continue through the next hole, and examine the figure in the center of the room.

The tunnel on the right leads to another floor panel trap, only this time you don’t have footprints to follow. Look at the tiles in between the floor panels and use the clues on the note you found to determine which adjacent panels are safe. The panels marked with skulls are clearly the deadly ones.

Start by going toward the skull symbol on the left. Keep in mind that the direction the symbols are facing determine which surrounding panels are safe. Continue to bring up the note and compare the symbols to those on the floor panels. If you traverse the panels correctly, you will reach the other side at the far right corner.

Open the gate at the far side. When you get strung up, swing to the right and grab the knife off the corpse to cut the rope. Quickly run through the passage, and avoid the blasts.

After the chaos, the chapter will conclude. Now that you've survived Avery’s Descent, continue directly into Chapter 20 - No Escape, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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