Uncharted 4: Chapter 2 - Infernal Place

Uncharted 4: Chapter 2 - Infernal Place

Solve the Zodiac puzzle in Uncharted 4: Infernal Place.

This article shows players how to beat Chapter 2, titled Uncharted 4: Infernal Place, including solving the Zodiac puzzle.

We’ll begin just before the next chapter of Uncharted 4 officially kicks off. The game is going to toss you into a fist-fight in a prison yard, which is really just a way to teach you the melee controls for future combat. Watch the on-screen prompts carefully, and when the game allows it, whoop Gustavo in order to progress forward to the official beginning of Infernal Place.

Pay close attention to the on-screen prompts to learn how melee combat works in Uncharted 4.

Follow Vargas through the prison. It’ll take you a couple of minutes, but there’s nothing that you can do. Just walk behind your escort until cut scene plays out. Once you’re no longer restrained via handcuffs or a cinematic, take a look at the large stone tower a short distance away. Your destination is the top, and that’s where the Zodiac puzzle must be solved.

Descend the stone stairs and slide down the loose rocks, steering left and hopping up to grab a short ledge. Jump up to another nearby ledge and you’ll see a well. Climb down that well and you can snag your first piece of Treasure in the game, earning the First Treasure PS4 trophy. We won’t be focusing on Treasure in this walkthrough, but if we naturally stumble into some we won’t hesitate to inform you.

Continue Infernal Place by climbing back out of the well and heading to the workbench to grab the grappling hook, and then push the cart with wheels against the ledge a few feet away. Players familiar with The Last of Us will recognize this mechanic. Climb on the box and hop up onto the rock.

Use your grappling hook to swing from the beam between you and the small island with the prison tower on it. You’ll have to repeat this process to get to the other side of the broken stairs, at which point your ascent to the highest prison cell, as well as the Zodiac puzzle, will begin. Keep swinging, climbing and leaping your way to the very top of the tower.

Eventually you’ll hop through the highest window and find yourself in Burnes’s cell. When prompted, open the letter by pressing on the PS4 controller’s touch pad. After flipping the letter twice, fold it and line the symbols up to make a complete diagram. This will reveal the Sagittarius and Scorpio signs, your clues to the solution of the only puzzle in Infernal Place.

Look high on the wall and you’ll notice the Sagittarius symbol has the Roman Numeral X next to it, and the Scorpio sign has the Roman Numeral II next to it. You need to examine the stones in the wall with Roman Numerals on them and find one that shows X II. If you’re having trouble, it’s on the wall right below the window you entered this cell through. Approach the stone and interact with it to solve the Zodiac puzzle.

After you solve the Zodiac puzzle it will be time to head back to Vargas at the prison.

Head back to Vargas, a task that requires more climbing and swinging, but not one that you need our help with. This will lead you to an extended cut scene with Sam and Rafe, and then it’s on to more fisticuffs with your old pal, Gustavo.

The battle with Gustavo is an extended melee encounter, though you shouldn’t have much trouble with it. Remember to follow any on-screen prompts, and press O to roll out of danger as often as you need to. When it’s over another cut scene will bridge the gap between you and the final game play portion of Infernal Place.

Follow Sam and Rafe until you reach a locked gate, and then help Sam open up a nearby window. The next few minutes will be a test in whether you can keep up with Sam, followed by another short melee battle, this time with some prison guards.

After the brief fight, help Sam push the nearby cart to gain access to the vent. Move through it and exit back into the yard, and then follow Rafe for about a minute. You’ll be interrupted by another short cut scene, ending the chapter with a few more seconds of running behind Rafe.

Visit our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough for a full list of all the chapters, or proceed directly from solving the Zodiac puzzle in Infernal Place to Uncharted 4: Chapter 3 - The Malaysia Job.

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