Uncharted 4: Chapter 20 - No Escape

Uncharted 4: Chapter 20 - No Escape

Go through the ship graveyard in No Escape.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 20 in Uncharted 4, titled No Escape. We will help you defeat several armed enemies and regroup with the others. Be prepared for some intense gunfights, as well as a bit of swimming.

Begin this Uncharted 4 chapter by going forward and climbing up the ledges to the right. Once at the top, observe the ship graveyard and make your way around the right corner. Use the grapple point above to swing across to the next platform. Climb along the ledge to the left.

As you round the corner, you’ll spot some mercenaries down below. Start firing at the mercenaries on the platform closest to you to start clearing them out. Make your way down the platforms to reach the ships below, taking out enemies along the way. Grapple to the mast platforms to maintain a height advantage over the enemies. Watch out for some heavily armored enemies as well.

Once at the bottom, head through the ship’s hold. Prepare to face more enemies ahead in No Escape. Pick up a sniper or another powerful weapon to take out the enemies quickly. You’ll also find plenty of grenades, so don’t be afraid to use them. Pass through the ship and push the debris blocking a hole in the back. This leads you to the beach, where more enemies await.

Climb over the rocks where the enemies were standing. Come up behind the enemies firing at Sam, and neutralize them how you wish. Fire at the explosive red barrels to injure enemies from a distance. Once you’ve cleared out the hostiles, climb the ladder to reach Sam. More enemies will begin firing at you from afar. Watch out for an enemy up high who wields an RPG. Snipe him if you can. Push forward across the deck, taking out enemies as you go.

Continue through No Escape by climbing to the upper floor. There is an RPG on the supply crate that you should use to eliminate the hostiles in the distance. Clear out as many enemies as you can from afar before heading over to their ship. You can either walk along the large fallen mast in the middle, or swing across a grapple point to reach the adjacent ship.

When the enemy trucks arrive, follow Elena and climb through the hole on the left. After some heavy fire, prepare to go for a swim. Dive through the holes in the ship and look for a spot to resurface. You’ll arrive on another beach, where you’re faced with more enemies. Head through the building, and watch out for the armored truck. Run through the street and climb up the nearby chimney. Look for a grapple point on the right and swing over the wall ahead.

Keep moving to the end of the street. Pick up the RPG, and fire at the armored truck to finish it off. Regroup with the others, and proceed through the ruins. Push the cart beneath the ledge and climb up. Climb out the upper window. Push the wood beam over the edge, and jump across to the far platform. Use your rope to pull the others across on the skyrail platform, then climb the rope yourself.

Proceed up the path. Push the cart in the road over toward the right wall. Quickly climb up onto the cart to reach the top of the wall. When you drop down to the other side, the chapter concludes.

After completing No Escape, continue on to Chapter 21 - Brother’s Keeper, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough.

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