Uncharted 4: Chapter 22 - A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: Chapter 22 - A Thief’s End

Finish the story in A Thief’s End.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 22 in Uncharted 4, titled A Thief’s End. This is the final story chapter of the game, where you can discover what happens to Nate and the crew. There’s no more puzzling at this point, but we will help you through one final conflict as the story concludes.

Begin the penultimate Uncharted 4 chapter by diving into the water and swimming toward Avery’s ship. An explosion will blast a hole in the side of the ship. Climb up the boards where the explosion occurred, and go through the newly created hole. Walk up the planks to reach the main ship deck. Look for a hole in the floor of the deck, and drop down the hole to find a room with coins and treasure.

Walk across the treasure room and lift the black and gold door on the far left side. A cut scene will occur as you enter the room. After the cut scene, you’ll be thrust into a confrontation, so prepare to defend yourself. Dodge left and right to avoid the attacks by using the triangle and circle buttons. Survive the quick-time event, and grab the nearby sword.

The dodge commands will now change to blocking commands. Proceed with the battle, blocking with the appropriate left and right buttons once more. There are a few more quick-time events, so stay alert. Another intense cinematic will play out after the fight.

Once you are back outside in the water, swim toward the cave exit. Watch out for falling debris as you push forward. Continue toward the bright light, and another cinematic will occur. Afterward, you’ll find yourself safely back at shore. Another cinematic will play out to wrap up the chapter. Enjoy the cut scene as A Thief’s End concludes.

Now that you have finished the final chapter, A Thief’s End, you can head directly on to the Epilogue, or return to our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough to find any missing collectibles.

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