Uncharted 4: Chapter 7 - Lights Out

Uncharted 4: Chapter 7 - Lights Out

Perfect your stealth game in Lights Out.

This walkthrough will help players to complete Chapter 7, titled Uncharted 4: Lights Out, escaping the mansion and learning the game’s stealth controls.

Uncharted 4 continues as you head up the stairs to the right, jumping the railing and then leaping to the little tower a short distance away. The game will teach you about the different states enemies enter when they see you, or at least think that they see you. This is good information to have.

Move around the tower by shimmying left. There will be two more guards looking your way, so drop down and go left again, climbing up the side of the building out of their sight. This will lead you to a tower with a guard standing directly above you. Avoid him by moving left and to the opposite side of the structure from where you started. Keep moving along until you spot a pipe sticking out of a wall, using it to swing through a window and into a nearby building.

Go through the building and jump out the windows on the opposite side, landing in a small roof. Take cover near the edge of the wall, noting a guard with a flashlight who is scouring the area. When his light moves away, run up and take cover behind the next section of roof. When he moves again, run and hop into the building via the balcony above you. There will be a lot of this cat and mouse game in Lights Out.

The next area will introduce you to using stealth in tall grass. Basically, as long as the enemy isn’t stepping on you, you’re safe. Utilize this patch of tall grass to silently subdue the two guards wandering around, using the cover to hide their bodies from prying eyes.

Keep heading upward as Nate would like. With a combination of stairs and climbing you’ll soon crawl into a window. When you try to exit the room a fight with Nadine will disrupt your progress through Lights Out. It’ll include melee combat and a few conversation options. Answer how you would like and fight as best you can, but the outcome is already set.

As soon as you find yourself back outside, swing from the pipes and get to a nearby rooftop. The round sign that Sam is referring to is nearby. Head there, and when Sam tosses you the gun, line up two headshots and kill the guards causing him trouble. Jump to where they were standing and the game will tell you that marking enemies is done by pressing L2 to aim and L3 to tag them.

Tagging enemies will be a crucial part of your strategy in almost every chapter of Uncharted 4.

Move along, taking out the two enemies you just marked and hiding in the tall grass where the second one stood. Two more foes will come up the stairs. Use the grass to stealth kill them both and continue down the steps they just came up.

As long as your enemies don't bump into you, you're usually safe in patches of tall grass.

Lights Out only gets tougher from here. Hop in the nearby window to enter a building, using your stealth tricks to silently subdue and bypass the handful of guards blocking your path. There will be some tall grass and more guards beyond this, and they’ll need to be killed or bypassed as well. This will lead you to a powerline that you need to slide down, inadvertently reuniting you with Sam Drake.

With the stealth over, the gun battle portion of the chapter will begin. It’s fairly straightforward - move from cover to cover, popping out and killing bad guys that stand in your way. Sam is there to guide you in the right direction, so besides getting shot you only have to worry about rolling away from grenades. As soon as Sully shows up with the getaway car, hop in and let a cinematic end the chapter for you.

Feel free to browse through all the chapters in the game with our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough, or you can move directly from Lights Out to Uncharted 4: Chapter 8 - The Grave of Henry Avery.

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