Uncharted 4: Chapter 8 - The Grave of Henry Avery

Uncharted 4: Chapter 8 - The Grave of Henry Avery

Solve the Libra puzzle in The Grave of Henry Avery.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete Chapter 8, titled Uncharted 4: The Grave of Henry Avery, including solving the Libra puzzle in the crypt.

Players are in for a bit of a longer experience with this chapter of Uncharted 4. We won’t be holding your hand through all the walking and talking, but we’ll cover the parts that you’re likely to get hung up on, such as puzzles and dealing with Shoreline.

Shortly after some walking and talking kicks The Grave of Henry Avery off, kill the three bad guys and keep moving with Sam. When you come to some ruins with more Shoreline equipment scattered about, look for some dynamite sitting in a crate near the door. You can then use that dynamite to blow the door open.

You'll spend more time finding and pushing carts around than you're probably cool with.

Search the ruins to find a yellow cart with wheels. Sam will eventually point it out if you can’t find it, and Shoreline will arrive as you move it closer to your objective. Use stealth to eliminate them if you can, otherwise just shoot them to and push the cart into the building to continue your search for The Grave of Henry Avery.

Utilize your grappling hook and parkour skills to scale the cliff beyond the ruins, and then slide down some loose gravel and hop to another cliff. When the Shoreline employee walks below you, drop on his head and knock him out. There will be two more in front of you. Stealth kill the one on the right and Sam will deal with the one on the left.

There are more ruins and Shoreline mercenaries in front of you, but before going forward you should take a second to mark as many as you can. Utilize the tall grass and your stealth training to slowly eliminate and move past the mercenaries, aiming for the gap in the cliff that sits to the left from where you entered this area.

In case you're having a hard time finding it, this is the grave of Henry Avery.

Continue to The Grave of Henry Avery, taking out any small pockets of Shoreline you find and eventually finding the graveyard. Henry Avery’s grave is at the far end by the cliff. This will lead the Drakes into a crypt. As you enter, head right and look for a note in the corner, and then go down the stairs to an area with fog. Turn left, snagging a piece of Treasure in the next room.

Use Right and Left Sticks to rotate the light and line it up as we have shown in the image.

Back in the main room you’ll have a puzzle to solve involving statues of Jesus, Dismas and Gestas. Take part in the optional conversation with Sam, and then move to the back to initiate the puzzle. Run back to the front and look through each statue to line up the beams of light with the stars on the door. Use the Left Stick to move and the Right Stick to rotate. Just in case you’re having trouble, look at the image of our puzzle solution. This is the only puzzle to solve during The Grave of Henry Avery.

Move to the door with Sam and have another optional conversation, noting that the puzzle solution is the Libra Constellation. The two of you will decide the only way you can go is back to the graveyard where you’ll be met by more Shoreline.

When you exit the crypt, put your back to the water and look up and to the right. There is a large door, and that is where you’re headed next. Whether you sneak or shoot your way there is up to you. We tried the former, then moved to the latter when we failed. Shooting is definitely the quick way.

The Grave of Henry Avery will calm down for a bit and players will get to enjoy the parkour and dialog. There will be more Shoreline here and there, but nothing as intense as the graveyard. Just move along the deceivingly open feeling linear path, stealth killing or shooting any Shoreline you find. The largest cluster will be the half a dozen men near the end of the chapter.

Chapter 8 will calmly wrap up a short time after you enter the cave you’ve been heading for since leaving the graveyard. If you want to see a complete chapter list, visit our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough. You can also go straight from The Grave of Henry Avery and jump into Uncharted 4: Chapter 9 - Those Who Prove Worthy.

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