Uncharted 4: Chapter 9 - Those Who Prove Worthy

Uncharted 4: Chapter 9 - Those Who Prove Worthy

Solve the cross puzzle in Those Who Prove Worthy.

This walkthrough will help players beat Chapter 9, titled Uncharted 4: Those Who Prove Worthy, including solving the puzzle with the three crosses.

Begin this section of Uncharted 4 by making your way through the cave, exploring every nook and cranny that you can find in search of Treasure. There’s a piece in a small alcove just before the first bridge. Grab it and then cross the bridge to continue on.

As you make your way through the level, a door will shut behind you and present you with a puzzle. The first thing you need to do is pull the skeleton from the door. Next, approach the base of the device and grab the bucket, filling it with water from the nearby pool. Hand it to Sam and he will place it back onto the device, triggering the first puzzle of Those Who Prove Worthy.

Play with the wheels until you have your puzzle looking exactly as ours does.

You will now have four wheels that you can turn to line up the various parts of the puzzle. In order to get it right you must align the bucket of water with the top beam of light. The large cross, representing Jesus, will line up with the middle beam of light. The white cross (Dismas) should align with the light on the left, and the black cross (Gestas) with the light on the right. Play with the wheels of the puzzle until yours looks like ours, at which point you can try to use the door controls that are to the left of the puzzle when you’re facing it.

Head through the now open door and continue working your way through the caves. You might fall, or take a minute to figure out what hand hold you need next, but for the most part the path forward is quite linear. After several minutes of travel, Sam and Nate will find themselves eavesdropping on a conversation between Rafe and Nadine.

Gamers will face another difficult section when they reach a puzzle which has fallen into the ocean. To cross it, have Nathan jump on the see-saw, and soon after Sam will join him. You can now walk across the wooden beam and jump to the rocks off to the right side. Continue to move right, using your grappling hook to snag a beam and swing to some gears sticking out of the wall. Climb up to the top of the cliff and then push the cart onto the beam to weigh it down for Sam. This will allow both of you to cross.

Walk back toward Sam to have him jump on the beam and weigh it down for Nathan.

After a bit more wandering and some storytelling by way of cinematic, the shooting portion of Those Who Prove Worthy will begin. There aren’t really any stealth opportunities, so use cover to limit incoming damage from enemies, popping out and getting headshots when the opportunity presents itself. If you see any red barrels, shoot them to take out clusters of your Shoreline foes. If you see any dynamite sitting in small crates, grab it for the same reason.

Fight your way out of the cave and to the surface, mixing in some timely parkour to evade any foes that you don’t have to kill. This will eventually lead you directly to Sully’s plane, which you’ll be using as your getaway vehicle. It will also bring up a cinematic to end Those Who Prove Worthy.

If you want to see a full list of all the chapters in the game, be sure to visit our Uncharted 4 Walkthrough. If you’d rather just jump straight from Those Who Prove Worthy to Uncharted 4: Chapter 10 - The Twelve Towers, we still have you covered.

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