Uncharted 4: Prologue

Uncharted 4: Prologue

Learn the basic controls in the Uncharted 4 Prologue.

This article will explain how players can beat the Uncharted 4: Prologue, ramming the smaller boats and avoiding the mines.

Players will be thrust directly into the Uncharted 4 action, something that won’t come as a shock given the franchise’s history. You, as you may have expected, will be playing as Nathan Drake, piloting a boat while being pursued by yet to be named attackers.

During the first section of the Uncharted 4: Prologue, pay attention to the on-screen instructions that are telling you to accelerate using R2. Do this, and use the Left Stick to steer the boat toward the island off in the distance. Depending on how you’ve set up your options prior to starting the game, you can move your camera around using the Right Stick. Once you have the hang of the controls, ram into the smaller boats as they get close to you, sending your unidentified pursuers into the chilly ocean.

Ramming into smaller boats will cause them to wreck, making your journey a little safer... for now.

After dealing with the smaller boats for a short time, a big boat will enter the picture and do some serious damage to your own vessel. This big boat isn’t one you can ram, and it comes equipped with mines that will end Nathan Drake in a serious hurry. Listen to Sam’s advice and don’t let it get in front of you. When you see mines heading your way, duck and weave to avoid their destructive power. Avoiding these mines is easily the hardest part of the Uncharted 4: Prologue.

When you’ve avoided a few mines and made some additional progress in getting to the island, Nathan Drake will be tossed into the frigid ocean himself. The game will inform you that you can surface by using the X button, and you should comply. Once your head is above water, press the O button to dive back under and avoid the oncoming vessel. Surface one more time and swim toward Sam, climbing back aboard your own boat.

You’re back onboard, but Sam is having trouble getting the engine working. This is where you’ll be given the opportunity to learn the gunplay in the Uncharted 4 Prologue. How it works for you will depend on the options you chose prior to playing. If you decided that pressing L2 should snap to a target, it might be somewhat easier to get the hang of. We opted for manual aim, so pressing L2 only aimed down our sight. We still had to aim. As you might expect, when you have your target lined up you can shoot at them by using the R2 button. Try for headshots, as these will typically take out your enemy with a single bullet.

Following a brief gun battle between yourself and the mysterious attackers, Sam will get the engine back online, and then it’s time to head toward the island again. The little boats are back, and you now have some hard-to-see rocks scattered throughout the water. Try to keep the big island in front of you, dodging rocks and smashing small boats as you can. After a few brief moments of this a cut scene will conclude this short bit of game play.

You can return to the Uncharted 4 Walkthrough to see a list of all chapters, or move directly from the Uncharted 4: Prologue to Uncharted 4: The Lure of Adventure.

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