Uncharted IV: A Thief's End Video Preview

Uncharted IV: A Thief's End Video Preview

Bob takes on 15 minutes of Madagascar in the long-awaited next installment of Naughty Dog's blockbuster series.

In gaming terms, five years is practically a geological age, so it's strange to think that 2011 stands as the last time we caught up with Nathan Drake.

A lot has changed in the passing half-decade, but fans of Uncharted should feel right at home in A Thief's End. Rather than rocking the boat, developer Naughty Dog is using this final installment of the Uncharted series to further refine everything fans loved about the first three games. Fundamentally, Uncharted hasn't changed all that much since its 2007 debut, but Naughty Dog has used every iteration as a chance to further refine the series' straightforward gameplay.

If you're not on the Uncharted train by now, A Thief's End probably won't win you over, but those who've enjoyed Nathan Drake treasure hunting and light-hearted mass murder in the past should find a lot to love in Part 4. Check out the embedded video below for a brief glimpse of the new Uncharted's Madagascar level, captured at a recent event held by Sony.

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