Undertale Developer Helped Make New Entrance Video For New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Kenny Omega

If Kenny Omega were a spider, he could wear four pairs of hot pants.

Here's a fun fact you can trade with your friends: A surprising number of professional wrestlers are huge geeks. And by "huge geeks," I mean they're unabashed lovers of obscure anime, and—most importantly—RPGs and JRPGs.

Late last year, world class wrestler Kenny Omega (who named himself after the Omega Weapon boss in the Final Fantasy series, FYI, just so you're not shocked by anything in this story) laid bare his love for RPGs by teaming up with Toby Fox and translation company 8-4 to make an elaborate Undertale-themed introduction for Wrestle Kingdom 13. Wrestle Kingdom is an annual event held by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), the promotion Omega is currently signed with (though rumors indicate that might be changing soon).

The video, called "Kenny's Quest," follows a young fan who buys the titular game. The fan disappointedly watches as Kenny is seemingly flattened by his rival, Hiroshi Tanahashi. But Omega bounces back with friendship, love, and—what else—the power of Hopes and Dreams.

The full video is six minutes long, and a text crawl at its start informs viewers it's not able to air on NJPW as originally intended. In a pleasant turn of events, however, a shortened version of Kenny's Quest accompanied him as he walked to the ring in his "One Winged Angel" attire for his Wrestle Kingdom 13 match with Tanahashi. A fan caught the footage, which plays alongside Omega's intro music: A metal remix of Undertale's final boss theme, Hopes and Dreams.

Despite all his DETERMINATION, Omega lost his match against Tanahashi. But he's still coveted by All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE, and doubtless NJPW wants to renew his contract. His journey is not over.

Additional adventures in "Wrestlers love RPGs" include WWE's Samoa Joe citing Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger as two of his all-time favorite games, AEW's Cody Rhodes paying tribute to The Legend of Zelda series on his costume, and WWE tag team champions The New Day cosplaying as Final Fantasy XIV characters at WrestleMania 33. Xavier Woods of The New Day has also belted out the Final Fantasy victory fanfare on his beloved trombone, Francesca, a couple of times. Alas, Francesca was busted wide open by Chris Jericho in 2016. RIP in peace, you beautiful brassy heroine.

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