Undertale Might Come to the Wii U -- But How Would That Work?

Undertale Might Come to the Wii U -- But How Would That Work?

We'd love to see Undertale get ported to consoles, but we have some questions about the process.

Like a certain suplex-loving warrior fish, Undertale flew out of nowhere late last year and dominated "Best of 2015" lists across the internet. Critics and RPG fans still go orangutan for Toby Fox's personable Earthbound-inspired adventure. Bob Mackey loves it. I, too, love it.

For now, however, Undertale is a PC exclusive. Though Fox has mentioned that he'd like to see his game on Nintendo's systems, Undertale was built using Game Maker. Game Maker doesn't export to Nintendo's hardware. A port would have to be built from the ground-up, a feat Fox admits is beyond him.

But on Thursday, independent game studio and "Wii U porting power house" Broken Rules tweeted about how it would love to work on a port. Its staff is filled with DETERMINATION, as well as talent: The studio's Wii U port of Guacamelee! is very good.


There's no indication Fox has responded to the offer, so there's no guarantee we'll see anything come of it. That said, Undertale fans would undoubtedly adore having a dedicated Miiverse channel for their fanart. Non-fans would probably adore it too, since the endless doodles of Sans the skeleton would finally have a reserved parking spot instead of being scattered across every Miiverse channel in existence.

[WARNING: Undertale plot spoilers follow!]

The question is, if Undertale is ported to the Wii U -- or any console -- how will Broken Rules (or whomever ports the title) implement the now-infamous moments when the fourth wall gets knocked down?

The most obvious example would be the fight with Flowey that tops off a neutral run. On the PC, Flowey demonstrates his power by crashing your game and booting you back to your desktop. When you open the game again, you get a distorted title screen. It's as eerie as heck, and while the sequence isn't necessary from a gameplay standpoint, it feels like the game would lose something vital without that bit of psychological manipulation.

Would Broken Rules emulate the sequence? Or cut it? Or create a new one exclusive to the Wii U? The last option is obviously the best one: Imagine Flowey taking over the game pad to draw pictures of dead animals or something. Shudder.

Keep Off the Leaves

Then there's the issue of a little skeleton-man named Dr Gaster. On the PC, Undertale fans can manipulate the game's Fun values to force the ex-Royal scientist to appear in-game. More alterations can be made to spawn his followers, who will say cryptic things about Gaster's life and death.

Though a recent Undertale update makes it possible for Gaster to appear during a legitimate run-through of the game (albeit randomly and very rarely), futzing around with the game's code is still your best bet for finding these secrets-within-secrets.

Again, nothing about the Dr Gaster subplot is necessary on a mechanical level, but the character's discovery became a unifying moment for the community. Fans dug and dug to see what else Fox hid, then chattered excitedly about their findings via Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter.

No doubt Broken Rules realizes how important it is to port Undertale with all its fissures intact. The studio has probably been thinking about ways to do it since the game hit PC. Programmers have busy minds.

I reached out and asked Toby Fox about how he'd like to see the fourth wall come tumbling down on Wii U, but the answers I received weren't very revealing. Presumably the Annoying Dog took over Fox's keyboard when the latter got up to have a bathroom break.

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