Undertale's Toby Fox Wasn't a Fan of Sans' Tiny Fingers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Undertale's Toby Fox Wasn't a Fan of Sans' Tiny Fingers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Still not as weird as half the Sans fanfic on Archive of Our Own.

Happy Monday. Did you know the Undertale Sans Mii costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate used to have fingers? Tiny, tiny fingers? Imagine all those wee digits writing and flexing, just like the fingers of Deadpool's retch-inducing baby hand.

Thankfully, Undertale creator Toby Fox asked Nintendo to do away with Sans' fingers and "replace them with a larger mitten-like hand instead." Fox offered us this snippet of trivia via a tweet he made yesterday.

The Sans Mii fighter skin was revealed in the September 4 2019 Nintendo Direct, and even though Sans is only a skin, his arrival raised the roof. Sans is a gunner-type, which is where the Gaster Blaster on his left arm comes in. The Gaster Blaster is no joke when you're trying to beat Sans at the end of Undertale's grim "Genocide Run," but I have to admit it's really cute in Mii-form.

I also have to admit I'm embellishing the horror of Sans' fingers a bit. Yeah, they'd be creepy as heck, but have you seen some of the stuff about Sans that goes up on Archive Of Our Own? After reading just one of these 'fics, you will believe a skeleton can—you know what, I'll stop here.

Fox is currently working on Deltarune, which is a sequel to Undertale. I think. Maybe.

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