Unity Fires Back at Improbable Over "Incorrect Blog Post"

The spat over SpatialOS continues to unravel.

The dispute between Unity and cloud technology company Improbable continues to twist and turn. Improbable first accused Unity of putting some in-development games at risk over an issue with Unity's Terms of Service. Now, Unity's response claims Improbable knew it was in violation of the terms for a year and did nothing to warn its developers.

At the heart of the matter is Improbable's SpatialOS. The technology makes it so that even small indie devs can have access to cloud technology, allowing them to create massive online worlds for games like MMOs. SpatialOS apparently breaches Unity's new Terms of Service and Improbable said it was worried that several games using both Unity and SpatialOS could lose access to Unity's development tools.

Unity denies this in its own official statement which claims it had warned Improbable twice over the past year—both in-person and in writing—that it was violating Unity's terms. Unity also says it never communicated to any game developer using Improbable that it must stop developing on Unity, even as negotiations with Improbable seemingly broke down.

"We believe that even though Improbable is violating our EULA, game developers should never pay the price for that. We have been clear with Improbable that games currently in production and/or games that are live are unaffected, and we would have expected them to be honest with their community about this information," Unity says. "Unfortunately, this information is misrepresented in Improbable's blog."

Shortly afterwards Improbable responded again, but this time with a statement that advocates for a better, industrywide communication standard for Terms of Service agreements. Improbable admits that parts of its own Terms of Service may have had weaknesses and problems as "other parties that have received criticism today." Presumably a reference to Unity, which Improbable criticized earlier today.

Improbable then reaches out to Unity for conciliation writing, "You are an incredibly important company and one bad day doesn't take away from all you've given us. Let's fix this for our community, you know our number."

So basically, it sounds like Improbable may have discovered some errors on its own end and are now calling for a truce. Caught in the middle of it all unfortunately are video game developers who still aren't quite sure what's going on.

We await Unity's response to Improbable's response to Unity's response.

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