New Overwatch Lego Sets Leaked Online, Include Mercy, D.Va, and a Space Ship

New Overwatch Lego Sets Leaked Online, Include Mercy, D.Va, and a Space Ship

Prepare to attack.

We already knew that Overwatch's Bastion would be arriving in brick form, but now retailer Target has leaked a bunch of brand new Overwatch Lego sets. These have yet to be confirmed by Blizzard for now, but feature a whole array of colorful characters on maps like Gibraltar and King's Row.

The leak was first reported earlier today on October 23 by but, at the time of writing, the site has been swamped by traffic and has crashed. Thankfully, Imgur users have chronicled a complete list of all the leaked Overwatch Lego sets, a selection of which you can see just below.

While all these sets haven't been confirmed by Blizzard or Lego at the time of writing, they certainly look real enough. Right now, all the official Lego Overwatch page has to say is that sets are "coming soon", with no fixed release date.

In other Lego Overwatch news, Bastion was previously revealed as the debut Lego set for Blizzard's hero shooter. Elsewhere on USgamer, you can check out our best Overwatch skins feature, where we rank the top 15 outfits in the game.

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