Upcoming PUBG Patch Prevents You From Blocking Bullets With Your Hands

Upcoming PUBG Patch Prevents You From Blocking Bullets With Your Hands

Flash the Jazz Hands at Death while you still can, PUBG fans.

A patch is coming soon to the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and among other things, you'll no longer be able to block headshots by staying in your vehicle, or by lifting your arm at an opportune time. There are other updates destined for the patch, of course, but "You can no longer catch bullets with your hands" is the real attention-grabber.

PUBG Corp announced the upcoming patch on its Twitter account earlier today. Test servers are going up later this week, and in addition to the aforementioned fix for the penetration problem (get your giggles out now), you can also expect an in-game friend system and voice chat in the main menu.

"We are going to need your feedback on all the new features, especially the new penetration system, so please join our test servers later this week," PUBG Corp tweeted. "Detailed patch notes will be posted in a couple of days. We hope to see you there!"

PUBG for Xbox One recently got a big update, but its features still lag behind the PC version of the game. If you want to see a PUBG's most intriguing technical achievement, take a look at the mobile version TenCent made for China.

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