Upcoming Red Dead Online Updates Are Aimed Directly at Griefers

Rockstar is cracking down on overly aggressive players.

The next update for Red Dead Online is coming at the end of the month, and it will finally deliver changes aimed squarely at griefers. The update is set to go live on February 26 and introduces a series of new fixes to help improve balance and mitigate "destructive player behavior."

One of the biggest changes in the update is player visibility. After the update, the world map won't display other players unless they are within 150 meters of one another. Nearby players can also pop up on the map if they fire a weapon, but also only within a certain proximity. This is so players won't be able to repeatedly target (read: harass) other players from long distances or across the map.

The new map will also highlight overly aggressive players. The more hostile your actions, the darker your map position ping becomes, turning from blue to a dark red. This will happen anytime you attack another player outside of a structured PvP mode, Free Roam Mission, or event. The shorter time between aggressive acts, the faster your visibility increases.

Red Dead Online is further introducing NPC Bounty Hunters who will hunt down players with high bounties on their heads. Rockstar is assigning criminal behavior with bounty values that scale based on the severity of the crime. After a certain bounty threshold, bounty hunters will begin actively hunting for you. Not dead or alive either, just dead.

The remaining fixes are for balancing and quality of life. The Varmint Rifle will be buffed for better accuracy, voice chat will see some improvements at closer proximity, and horse cargo like pelts will be improved so that your items remain even after death. Daily challenges are also being introduced to help players earn Gold Nuggets and XP.

Griefers are one of the main sources of consternations for Red Dead Online players. While the west is meant to be a lawless place, it's come to the point where some players can't complete basic missions without a posse of rogues coming in to ruin their fun. The new systems look to be designed specifically to call out griefers and assign increasingly harsh penalties for bad behavior.

You can check out our Red Dead Online guide for more info, including start tips, walkthroughs, and more.

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