PS4 Update Adds Local PS5 Streaming Support

PS4 Update Adds Local PS5 Streaming Support

Sony also has details on how streaming PS5 to PC and mobile will work at launch.

If you've got two TVs in your home, a PS4, and a PS5 on the way, holding on to the older console may end up making a lot of sense. A new Remote Play update feature is giving the PS4 the ability to stream games from a PS5 connected to the same broadband network.

Before Sony officially announced the changes coming to PS4 Remote Play in it's new "Ultimate FAQ" on the PS5's features, VideoGamesChronicle and a few other outlets noted the sudden appearance of a PS5 Remote Play app on PS4 consoles. In broad strokes, Remote Play for PS5 will work much the same as it does for PS4: with the proper app installed to your PC, iOS, or Android device, you'll be able to stream gameplay from the PS5 to your platform in question so long as they're on the same broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps. The big difference is the option of streaming from PS5 to a PS4 as well.

Another new feature coming to Remote Play is support for connecting up to four users at once, allowing for local multiplayer on the Remote Play session. Presumably, whatever device you're streaming with will also need to be able to recognize multiple controllers.

As for which controller you'll need to use when playing PS5 games via Remote Play, that's not entirely clear. Sony's FAQ notes that the new DualSense controller can't be used with PS4 consoles and is required for playing PS5 games, but adds that Remote Play on PC will support the DualSense via a wired connection. No mention is made of connecting a DualSense on other devices, but Remote Play for PS4 currently supports syncing up a DualShock 4 via Bluetooth on all platforms.

Sony also doesn't make any mention of Remote Play support for PS5 coming to the PlayStation Vita. Given Sony's prevailing attitude toward the Vita and its recent record of updates for the handheld, no news is likely bad news here; if support for PS5 Remote Play streaming was coming to the Vita, Sony would presumably make a point of spotlighting it.

Whatever the exact details may be, the point remains: if you're going to have both a PS4 and PS5 in the same household, you will be able to stream games from Sony's new console to the older one so long as you're on the same network. Especially if you have a big house and entertainment set ups in multiple rooms, retiring that PS4 right away come Nov. 12 might not be the move.

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