USgamer At the Nintendo Switch Event in New York

USgamer At the Nintendo Switch Event in New York

We share the photos from Jeremy and Nadia's trip to New York to handle the Nintendo Switch for the first time.

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When Nintendo asked if USgamer wanted to be one of the first to take a look at the all-new Nintendo Switch, we jumped at the chance. We sent our best, Jeremy Parish and Nadia Oxford, to New York to go hands-on with the device. Nadia has already given readers a glimpse into her time at the event, with hands-on recaps of the Nintendo Switch itself, Arms, and Sonic Mania. Jeremy's talked about how the Switch's perception as a handheld may be a negative and how Nintendo is looking forward with new IP for the system.

Seeing is believing though. Here are some photos that Jeremy took while he was at the event, so you can get a feel for what it was like to be in New York!

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage to show off the Nintendo Switch and explain exactly what journalists are going to see at the event.

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The Nintendo Switch shows off its home console look, with the system docked and both Joy-Cons firmly tucked in the Joy-Con Grip.

"I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch tablet as well as on an HDTV with the assembled Joy-Con controller (aka the Joy-Con Grip, aka the "pupper controller"). Though the Switch's buttons are small, I rarely found myself having to look down to assure myself of a button's position. The ZL and ZR triggers gave me problems on occasion, though: They feel a bit buried compared to the other buttons," explained Nadia in her hands-on with the Joy-Con Grip configuration.

Here's the Nintendo Switch in the system's Handheld mode. The Switch can change between Home Console and Handheld modes on the fly: just attach the Joy-Cons to the Switch and slide it out of the dock.

"I also got the chance to slide the Joy-Con out of the grip and apply them to the tablet. Unfortunately, Tatsumi Kimishima didn't appear and snap his fingers in my ear, but there was still a satisfying 'click' when I slid the pieces into the tablet. When you lift the Switch tablet out of its dock, the game you're playing seamlessly jumps to the tablet. There's no extended pause or wait," added Nadia in her hands-on

This is what games journalists are like at events. On laptops and phones, checking in with editorial teams, taking notes, and gleaning extra information on what they're about to see and do.

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