USgamer Community Question: What are Your Top 10 Games of 2017?

We've shared our lists, so now tell us yours.

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We've counted down our list of favorite games for 2017, now it's time to hear yours. What were your top 10 games this year?

2017 was a strong year with great releases across all platforms. While we ultimately gave our Game of the Year pick to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, what games would fill your Top 10 list?

Aside from out sitewide Game of the Year list, each USgamer staff has their own Top 10 picks of 2017.

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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #1 jeffcorry 3 months ago
    Well. This is tough. I'm going to include games that weren't released this year, but that I enjoyed over the year. I tried to keep the order somewhat in the order that I enjoyed them, but mostly number 1 is number 1 - the rest just fall into place somewhere up there.
    10. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS4)
    9. Mario Odyssey
    8. Zelda: Skyward Sword
    7. Super Mario Sunshine
    6. Final Fantasy 1 (Origins)
    5. Chrono Cross
    4. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii/Wii U)
    1. Breath of the Wild - By far. I played it so much it's not even funny.
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  • Avatar for amightysquall958 #2 amightysquall958 3 months ago
    Didn’t play too many new games from this year, but of the ones I did:

    1. Persona 5
    2. Nier: Automata
    3. Final Fantasy XII HD
    4. Metroid: Samus Returns

    I adored P5 (just got my deluxe vinyl set!), even though it definitely has flaws. It’s kinda funny to me how Nier became such a GOTY darling; I was a bit underwhelmed myself after hearing all the hype. Still need to wrap up those last two.
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  • Avatar for MARl0 #3 MARl0 3 months ago
    1: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    2: Super Mario Odyssey
    3: Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    4: Nier:Automata
    5: Persona 5
    6: Metroid: Samus Returns
    7: Tales of Berseria
    8: Puyo Puyo Tetris
    9: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    10: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

    Just an amazing year in general. Xenoblade 2 has easily been the most fun I've had playing a game all year. Such a fantastic follow up to one of the best RPGs of all time.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #4 NiceGuyNeon 3 months ago
    So I only played 6 games released this year and only three of them to completion, the other three I only briefly dabbled in. The six games are BotW, Edith Finch, Wolfenstein II, Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Of those I only count BotW, Edith and Wolf as eligible games for the list because the other three have so much I haven't discovered and likely won't until well into 2018.

    But I did play about 30 games this year, and so I have a top ten inclusive of all games I played this year from any release year on any system:

    10. Oxenfree (2016)
    9. Overcooked (2016)
    8. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (2003)
    7. Diablo III (2012)
    6. New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)
    5. Rocket League (2015)
    3. (tie) Titanfall 2 (2016)
    3. (tie) Doom (2016)
    2. Dishonored 2 (2016)
    1. Breath of the Wild (2017)

    It wasn't close for number 1. The moment I played Breath of the Wild it never budged. The battle for second place was basically a dead lock between Doom and Titanfall 2 until I played Dishonored 2, which I think is a game for the ages. It handily came out on top and any other year where BotW was not released it would have been number 1 without a second thought.

    Doom was immediately brilliant, but Titanfall 2's stellar level design and fluidity of movement had me floored. Initially I had it at number 4 and then debated whether it should be higher. The creative effort behind Titanfall 2 won me over enough to put it at a tie with Doom, even if I think Doom will go down as the more important modern shooter.Edited December 2017 by NiceGuyNeon
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  • Avatar for Maxbeedo #5 Maxbeedo 3 months ago
    I'll have to combine older games I played this year as well to hit 10, since some of these kept me busy for over a month each.

    10. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (2014)
    9. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014)
    8. World of Final Fantasy (2016)
    7. I Am Setsuna (2016)
    6. Street Fighter V (2016)
    5. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (2016)
    4. Nier: Automata
    3. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
    2. Yakuza 0
    1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Just started playing Persona 5, so we'll see how that goes.
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  • Avatar for camchow #6 camchow 3 months ago
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Persona 5
    Advance Wars
    Advance Wars 2
    Fallout 4 Frost
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Assassin's Creed Origins
    Sonic Mania
    Final Fantasy 5

    I guess I have to hand in my gamer card or whatever cause I haven't even played 10 2017 releases so I'll add some old games that I've sunk a ton of enjoyable time into this year. Also I guess I'm still the type of guy that likes long drawn out games that I can lose myself in for weeks at a time maybe that accounts for my low total.

    I know I'm probably the only person who's gonna put Mass Effect on a list but man, when it works it is so my jam. Shame the story is stupid, the characters ugly, the game buggy and broken.. uGH... SO much wasted potential.
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  • Avatar for Flipsider99 #7 Flipsider99 3 months ago
    My list shares a fair amount in common with the USGamer list!

    1. NieR Automata - Bayonetta is still the best action game of all time, but this is maybe the single best melding of action and story I've ever seen. And in an era where great game soundtracks are increasingly rare, this game has one of the best soundtracks of all time!

    2. Persona 5 - It's been a long time since we've seen a pure, old fashioned turn based RPG with such an incredible amount of quality. Everything about this game is top notch: the art design, music, story, characters, gameplay. It also has my favorite song of the year, and one of the best battle songs of all time: Last Surprise!

    3. Zelda BOTW - Open world games have been stuck in a rut. They almost all have the same faults: inundate the player with too much info, gameplay and cohesion is sacrificed for scope. Nintendo shows you don't have to do those things, that you can have a cohesive experience where all the parts work together well, that sometimes less is more. Let's hope this game marks a turning point for open world games, because it really should!

    4. Super Mario Odyssey - The key component of all gameplay design is one thing: creativity in creating fun challenges. Of everything released this year, no game does that better than Mario. It's huge, and yet has no padding. It has so much huge variety in it's content, so much creativity. This is the best 3D platformer we've seen in a long time.

    5. Gravity Rush 2 - The single most beautiful game of the year. It's a masterpiece in art design. The gameplay may take some getting used to, but no game so successfully captures the feeling of just flying around. This game is truly joyful to play!

    Those are the big top 5 in my mind. But there were so many excellent games this year, here's some more:

    6. Cuphead
    7. Yakuza 0
    8. Nioh
    9. Danganronpa V3
    10. Splatoon 2
    11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    12. Etrian Odyssey V
    13. Sonic Mania

    Really great year overall. And it was nice to see a lot of my picks mentioned by USGamer!
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #8 ghostsandgoblins 3 months ago
    I tend to focus on 1 or 2 games a quarter. My 2017 was:

    Pokémon Moon
    Pokémon X Postgame
    Pokémon Black
    Fire Emblem Fates Birthright

    I just started Super Mario 3D World and Pokémon Ultra Moon in December, so they will be 2018 games.

    All these games were fantastic. For my needs, X edges Birthright, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of Fates.

    Honorable mention to the Nintendo and Steve Jackson mobile games, which have me enjoying gaming on my phone for the first time since I bought my 3DS.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #9 donkeyintheforest 3 months ago
    Top ten played:
    1. zelda botw
    2. yakuza 0
    3. mario odyssey
    4. forza 7
    5. cuphead
    6. metroid 2 3ds
    7. splatoon 2
    8. mario+rabbds
    9. puyo puyo tetris
    10. tooth and tail

    Want to play:
    1. nier automata
    2. xenoblade 2
    3. divinity 2
    4. wolfenstein 2
    5. nioh
    6. uncharted lost legacy
    7. total warhammer 2
    8. night in the woods
    9. gravity rush 2
    10. pubg
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #10 riderkicker 3 months ago
    Well... Maybe like seven? I don't play that many new games.
    South Park: Fractured but Whole
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild (not even 25% done yet!)
    Super Robot Wars V
    Yakuza 0
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Persona 5

    Oh boy, most of my 2017 game buying was within the past two months. I'll tell you what I liked from this year at the end of next year!

    Did enjoy Final Fantasy XV.Edited 2 times. Last edited December 2017 by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #11 MetManMas 3 months ago
    There's a lot of games I want to play that came out in 2017, but honestly I spent most of the year catching up on games from 2016, and it wouldn't feel right for me to make a Top 10 list out of games I haven't played yet...or the ones that I did.

    But out of the 2017 games I did play, Resident Evil 7 was my favorite. Between it and Amnesia Collection (not from 2017) and SOMA (only from 2017 on Xbone), I became a believer in survival horror again.

    Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy was definitely a buy for me, but I'm also grateful we saw remakes/remasters/re-thingys of Okami, Romancing SaGa 2, Planescape: Torment (on tablet), and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. The latter in particular is the perfect example of how huge a difference art direction can make in a game's presentation.

    Yooka-Laylee got overshadowed by other better platformers this year, but I'm still grateful to have more non-Nintendo/non-Sonic platformer options available. Speaking of Sonic, Sonic Mania was an excellent 2D throwback.

    Doom 2016 was my favorite game not from 2017 that I played. Can't wait for a sequel.
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  • Avatar for yuberus #12 yuberus 3 months ago
    My top games for the year speak more to the relatively small number of new games I played this year:

    Zelda BOTW
    Mario Odyssey
    Persona 5
    Wonder Boy: Dragons Trap
    Sonic Mania
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #13 SatelliteOfLove 3 months ago
    Xs mean I'm currently making Sophie's Choices between The Perfect Orange and The Perfect Apple.

    X. Trails in the Sky: The 3rd
    X. Divinity: Original Sin 2
    3. Etrian Odyssey V
    4. Cosmic Star Heroine
    5. Persona 5
    6. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    7. Starcrawlers
    8. Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
    9. Torment: Tides of Numenera
    10. Vaporum

    (not seen, currently playing thru: Horizon Zero Dawn, Tales of Berseria, Nier Automata, Gravity Rush 2)
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  • Avatar for kazriko #14 kazriko 3 months ago
    I don't really keep track of what year the games I play came from. I'm constantly playing old games from my backlog, but here's my top 10 games and 6 other games I counted as Great from the 96 games that I've finished this year.

    10: What Remains of Edith Finch. Impressive visuals, entertaining minigames, and interesting architecture.
    9: Oxenfree. Love the radio gimmick, and the conversation writing was quite good. Nice artwork as well.
    8. Opus Magnum. Top notch puzzle game where you make machines that assemble molecules in an Aristotelian world.
    7. Hotel Dusk: Room 215. The gimmick to turn the DS sideways to simulate a notebook, and really the entire story and interaction with other characters makes this a very interesting adventure game.
    6. Xenogears. Excellent RPG, and I actually preferred the VN style ending to most of the rest of the game. I think more games should try this style, little snippets of RPG surrounded by story, rather than lots of plodding around.
    5. Disgaea 5. They really do keep improving this series, and 5 is probably the best one yet. Others have some elements that are better, but this comes together quite well.
    4. Nier Automata. Very solid combat, and an interesting art style and world. Look forward to seeing more from the director and studio.
    3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A bit aimless, but packed with interesting stuff.
    2. Final Fantasy XV. There's so much to do in this game. It's maybe not as strategic or hard as older FF games, but the sheer amount of fun content, makes this one worth playing.
    1. Persona 5. This one's a masterpiece of UI design, level design, and combat. While the characters might not be as interesting as 4, they're still solid enough to keep the game on top.

    Runners up: Headlander, Tokyo Jungle Mobile, Nova-111, Disgaea D2, Night in the Woods, Danganronpa V3
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #15 VotesForCows 3 months ago
    Tricky - not played a lot of new games this year. Mostly older ones. Of the new, the order is pretty easy:

    1) Nier Automata
    2) Gravity Rush 2
    3) Dragons Dogma
    4) Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

    Special mention goes to Horizon Zero Dawn, the only other new game I played, which I thought was dreadful.

    @Kazriko How did you finish 96 games?! How many hours do you play per day - do you have family? I'm curious/jealous.Edited December 2017 by VotesForCows
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  • Avatar for Neifirst #16 Neifirst 3 months ago
    While I had fun with some PS4 games like Resident Evil 7 and Horizon Zero Dawn for a time, once the Switch released in March, I never picked up a dual shock to play a game the rest of the year...

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2- still only in chapter 5 but with 70 hours (and ___-___!), I can confidently say this will be my favorite game of the year. Rex, Nia, Morag, and Zeke are wonderful characters and the game is both drop-dead gorgeous and a joy to listen to.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - the original NES game was my second-ever videogame and the first I beat, so my love for the series certainly informs my fondness for this latest title. What a relief it was to get right to playing this one and not sit through gate after gate after gate in an opening village, and it was downright terrifying dealing with all of the enemies once I got off the great plateau. Now Nintendo, add some NES-inspired labyrinths and bosses to the sequel and we're set!

    3. Super Mario Odyssey - I never thought I would enjoy dress-up as much as I did in this one, and some of the postgame content had me smiling from ear-to-ear.

    4. Sonic Mania

    5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    6. DOOM for Switch

    7. Fire Emblem WarriorsEdited December 2017 by Neifirst
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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #17 AstroDemon 3 months ago
    I tried to play nearly all of the big games this year, and unfortunately didn't get to many of the smaller ones yet, but here's my list. I own a Switch and played Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, but those are maybe tied for #11.

    1. Prey
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Nier Automata
    4. Metroid Samus Returns
    5. Torment: Tides of Numenera
    6. Persona 5
    7. Assassin's Creed Origins
    8. Divinity Original Sin 2
    9. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    10. Forza Motorsport 7
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #18 DrCorndog 3 months ago
    Let's see what I can come up with.

    1. Breath of the Wild
    2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (dual items and a real Battle Mode make this a new game in my book)
    3. Sonic Mania
    4. Metroid: Samus Returns
    5. Super Mario Odyssey

    Honorable mentions: Rocket League and Romancing SaGa 2. Hey, they're new to Switch! Also, shame I haven't gotten around to SteamWorld Dig 2 yet.
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #19 DrCorndog 3 months ago
    @jeffcorry Was this your first time through Chrono Cross? I think I could make that my game of the year, any year.
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  • Avatar for Fourfoldroot #20 Fourfoldroot 3 months ago
    As I've always got a backlog I haven't played many games released this year, of the ones I have, in no order:

    Yakuza 0, Nier: Automata, Persona 5, Ys 8, SK: Peach Beach Splash, Life is strange before the storm, Akiba's Trip undead and undressed

    Other games of note I've enjoyed this year are the likes of Gravity Rush Remastered, Stardew Valley and Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2...all in all a great year for me.

    Next year I'll pull the trigger on Switch, very excited to play Zelda and XC2 in particular

    I do also feel the need the state that FFXV was a travesty that deserves special mention as the most disappointing game of the year (and probably the gen) by far! Admittedly the fall was harder as I'm a huge FF fan, but it was objectively awful to human people in many areas.Edited December 2017 by Fourfoldroot
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  • Avatar for link6616 #21 link6616 3 months ago
    Of all the games I played this year, the big standouts were

    Snipper Clips, made me laugh and shout like no other game, and was a blast to play with a dear friend.

    Breath of the Wild, a sense of adventure that finally made good on how we thought games would be.

    Steins;Gate 0. Much better paced than the original SG, which spends a long time setting up it's cast, which the midquel didn't have to, which allows it to go right for the Sci fi concepts. I had a blast working my way through it and the endings, although SG still has one of the worst ways to manage routes of all visual novels other than Xblaze.

    Lost Dimension (PC version, the PS3 version crashes often, the vita version had FPS issues... now resolved). Simply a great premise, one of your party members on each floor of a tower is secretly a traitor, find them, vote them out, use their remains to power up other party members. A cool narrative gimmick that forces you to do a lot of interesting things party building wise. Too easy perhaps but a blast all the way if you get on board with losing your favourite characters.

    Nier Automata, I think a lot of what made Automata great and interesting was done better by the original NieR, but unlike that game, Automata was actually fun to play on a minute to minute basis. It deserves the praise though, and I look forward to a HD remaster that is surely coming for the original NieR.

    Persona 5, I like Persona 5 a lot, it's trivially the most engaging on a mechanical level. The non party member social links were great. But... the core cast didn't do ti for me as much, which despite managing to keep me hooked for over 100 hours over the course of a month or so, always felt like I was comparing it to p3 and 4.
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #22 SuperShinobi 3 months ago
    Resident Evil 7 VR was easily my GotY. The sheer visual impact and the feeling of being inside the game, being inside that horrible farmhouse is amazing. The equally impressive Batman VR was my GotY last year, but RE7 goes a step further and delivers an entire AAA game in VR and not just a 2-hour experience.

    Other than that my 2017 list remains a work-in-progress due to the amount of this year's games I've yet to play. Breath of the Wild and Horizon would currently be #2 and #3 on my list. I initially had Horizon at #2 due to its superior combat mechanics and enthralling story, but I've ended up putting more hours into Zelda, which is a more unique and varied game. I've really enjoyed some of the late-game content like chasing and upgrading the various armor sets and cool side quests like Tarrey Town and the Master Sword quest. I haven't played the Frozen Wilds DLC yet though and that might tip the scales in favor of Horizon again.

    The rest of my top 10 is: Sonic Mania, GT Sport, Persona 5, Yakuza 0, Cuphead, Nex Machina and Farpoint VR. Farpoint gets my "gnarliest of 2017" mention. Battling giant space bugs and occasionally getting eaten by them in virtual reality was pretty terrifying.Edited 2 times. Last edited December 2017 by SuperShinobi
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  • Avatar for Pandalulz #23 Pandalulz 3 months ago
    Can't even respond really, nothing I've played this year is from this year. I did start Nier: Automata, and man that first hour was incredibly compelling, but then it's the holidays, and where most people get more time to play games, I have house guests until after the new year, so I've lost access to the TV with the PS4 until they leave. Eh, so it goes.
    I've been playing FFXIII on my PS3 attached to my computer monitor instead. I will finish it I swear.Edited December 2017 by Pandalulz
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  • Avatar for itamae #24 itamae 3 months ago
    With this many RPGs to choose from this year it was kind of tough to make time for even the most important ones. I'm honestly glad that I don't own a Switch or a gaming PC...


    1. Danganronpa v3
    2. Trails of Cold Steel 2
    3. Tales of Berseria
    4. Nier Automata
    5. Persona 5

    I've only had time to play a few additional games this year, but didn't enjoy them enough to include them here. I'm about to start Ys VIII though, to properly welcome the new year.
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  • Avatar for LunarFlame17 #25 LunarFlame17 3 months ago
    In no particular order:

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Metroid: Samus Returns
    Stardew Valley
    Splatoon 2
    Axiom Verge
    Final Fantasy XV
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  • Avatar for Robozot #26 Robozot 3 months ago
    1. Super Mario Odyssey
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Snipperclips
    4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!!!

    I dropped out of Zelda BOTW, after 10 hours and the first giant beast. My first Zelda game, so I came in with no preconceptions. Amazing world, but I was very frustrated with the constantly breaking weapons and cooking and assorted busy work that passes for gameplay. It really pushes you into your inventory way too much. Stop-start-stop-start is not a good rhythm. It's a lovely world, but as far as gameplay goes I was shocked by what a drag it turned out to be.

    Mario, on the other hand, was joyous from the first five minutes until the end!!!
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #27 Monkey-Tamer 3 months ago
    I'm cheap so I only buy games once they've plummeted in price. I got Vermintide as part of a humble bundle, and just got new Death on the Reik DLC. I'm still playing Killing Floor 2 thanks to the constant free updates. In order of time played:

    1. Killing Floor 2 (300 hours+)
    2. Vermintide (80 hours+)
    3. Danganronpa (my lunch break game)
    4. Everything else
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  • Avatar for InsertTokenz #28 InsertTokenz 3 months ago
    These aren't in any particular order, as it's too damn hard figuring out what to place higher/lower since I loved playing all these games for different reasons:

    Dragon Quest VIII (3DS)
    Culdcept Revolt (3DS)
    Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch)
    Enter the Gungeon (Switch)
    Crawl (Switch)
    Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch)
    Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)
    DOOM (Switch)
    Monolith (PC)

    Honorable mentions: Sonic Mania (Switch), Kingdom: New Lands (Switch), Skyrim (Switch), Ever Oasis (3DS), Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ (Switch)Edited December 2017 by InsertTokenz
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  • Avatar for kidgorilla #29 kidgorilla 3 months ago
    The best game I played this year was Final Fantasy XII TZA. But that's probably a cheat, so the best newly-released game I played eas Nier: Automata. Nothing else came close
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  • Avatar for kidgorilla #30 kidgorilla 3 months ago
    @SuperShinobi I've been playing REVII VR and I love it, but it's the bullet train to barf town
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  • Avatar for moochan #31 moochan 3 months ago
    @link6616 People kept talking how "1 2 Switch" should have been bundled but I always felt Snipper Clips was a much better choice to bundle with it. Fun family game that used both Joy-Cons in a simple yet chaotic mess.

    I am really bad at putting things in order. So I'm just going to list the 10 games I really enjoyed this year.
    Snipper Clips
    Zelda BotW
    Mario Odyssey
    Mario + Rabbids (it really is a great X-Com lite even if it gets really hair pulling hard near the end)
    Metroid Samus Returns
    Nier Automata
    Persona 5
    Puyo Puyo Tetris
    Night in the Woods
    Dragon Quest 8 3DS

    Playing Xenoblade 2 and honestly I can't really agree with Nadia on the game. Its fine I guess but the annoying gacha system with the cores and a few other things makes me not really digging it like I did with 1 nor X.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #32 cldmstrsn 3 months ago
    All the usual suspects. Horizon, Persona 5, BOTW, Nier: Automata, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Echoes, Okami HD and last but certainly not least Metroid II: Samus Returns. This year was such a fantastic year for gaming and I am so glad. I tend to use gaming as an outlet and my sweet little corgi passed away last Thanksgiving and some of these games really helped me through that pain. Looks like 2018 is already looking great.Edited December 2017 by cldmstrsn
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  • Avatar for link6616 #33 link6616 3 months ago
    @moochan YES! I think snipperclips is an ideal example of the switch. It's bright and big enough that it even plays well in table top mode!
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  • Avatar for link6616 #34 link6616 3 months ago
    @kidgorilla TZA counts, it's such an improvement in hundreds of tiny tiny ways.
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #35 BulkSlash 3 months ago
    These are all the games I bought and have managed to play this year, there are still a fair few in my backlog!

    16) Double Dragon IV
    15) Gunbarich
    14) Zelda Breath of the Wild
    13) Sonic Mania
    12) Bomberman R
    11) Resident Evil 7
    10) Parappa the Rapper
    9) 80s Overdrive
    8) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    7) Wonder Boy The Dragons Trap
    6) Lego City Undercover
    5) Super Lucky’s Tale
    4) Metroid Samus Returns
    3) Mighty Gunvolt Burst
    2) Blaster Master Zero
    1) Super Mario Odyssey
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  • Avatar for docexe #36 docexe 3 months ago
    Like other commenters, I played more than 10 games this year but most of them weren't actually released in 2017. My backlog is massive and I don't have a PS4 yet (Hopefully I'll buy it next year). In any case, ranking the games released this year that I played:

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    3. Arms
    4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    5. Star Fox 2 (I mean, it technically came out this year, didn't it)
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #37 chaoticBeat 3 months ago
    Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City
    Metroid: Samus Returns
    Nier: Automata
    Splatoon 2
    Steamworld Dig 2
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Wolfenstein 2 = Most relevant to my life and to 2017 in general.
    Yakuza 0
    Zelda: BotW

    Best rerelease: Gunbarich
    Coolest game I couldn't connect with goes to Persona 5.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2018 by chaoticBeat
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  • Avatar for JinjoHayabusa #38 JinjoHayabusa 3 months ago
    I think I only played five games that came out this year, but...
    1. Zelda (One of the best games I've ever played. I'm in the middle of my Master Mode playthrough right now).
    2. Metroid 3DS
    3. Ys 8
    4. Nier
    5. Cuphead

    I was hyped for Nioh, bought it, played it for a couple days, then got distracted by something else and never went back to it. I'll go back to it eventually. That game probably deserves a mention.
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  • Avatar for guillermojiménez88 #39 guillermojiménez88 3 months ago
    10. Sonic Mania
    9. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
    8. Blaster Master Zero
    7. Lara Croft Go
    6. Kid Icarus: Uprising
    5. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    4. Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition
    3. Burnout Legends
    2. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+
    1. Metroid: Samus Returns
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  • Avatar for guillermojiménez88 #40 guillermojiménez88 3 months ago
    @BulkSlash Second the love for Blaster Master Zero.
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  • Avatar for Damn_Skippy #41 Damn_Skippy 3 months ago
    Everybody's Golf, Assassin's Creed Oranges and Yakuza 0 were my top three.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #42 VotesForCows 3 months ago
    Worth noting again the difference between the comments threads for best games of 2017 here and on Eurogamer. I don't know what it is about that site, but people absolutely lose their minds in the comments!
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  • Avatar for Damn_Skippy #43 Damn_Skippy 3 months ago
    @VotesForCows Especially everyone who shelled out for VR and believes Eurogamer are part of an anti-VR conspiracy...
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #44 Gamer-Law 3 months ago
    Reading all of these lists and listening to the US Gamer end of year podcasts has been terrific. Job well done by Kat, Nadia, Mike, Caty, Matt and the entire crew at US Gamer. Thank you for your efforts throughout 2017.

    My top 10 list does not diverge much from the titles already mentioned, but I will highlight three games that I really enjoyed, but which have not received a lot of attention in this thread:

    1.) Cosmic Star Heroine - Early bugs caused it to stumble out of the gate, but I feel this game (which had received a significant amount of hype in the RPG community) really got swept under by the wave of great games that was 2017. Gameplay brought back fond memories of Phantasy Star titles and the combat system was on point.

    2.) Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - I know that Kat did not like the purported “bad” difficulty, but I enjoyed this game more than Awakening and Fates. Fire Emblem Gaiden enjoyed a reputation as a black sheep in the franchise, but I felt that this game demonstrated that early FE games were every bit as good as those now dominated by character pairing and waifu simulators. The dungeon crawling in this game also stands out as both unique to the FE franchise and visually impressive on the 3DS. Soundtrack is underrated! Well worth importing the cd box set from Japan.

    3.) Ever Oasis - This game would probably fall into the 9 or 10 slot on my 2017 top 10 list, but in any other year, it may very well have made the top 4 or 5 (hey, 7th Dragon Code III VFD made my top 3 games of 2016, so it is definitely possible). It is a shame that Nintendo sent Ever Oasis out with little or no marketing effort. Like Cosmic Star Heroine, I think it was largely overlooked and will sadly remain underappreciated. The town building elements, combat and likeable characters all made for a charming adventure.
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  • Avatar for Toelkki #45 Toelkki 3 months ago
    I don't think I played ten games that I enjoyed enough for them to warrant a position on a Top-10 list.

    In no particular order: Golf Story, Has-Been Heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Strikers 1945, Ironcast, Neon Chrome.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #46 cldmstrsn 3 months ago
    @VotesForCows Ya man. It has been so bad I dont even bother to read the comments anymore.
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  • Avatar for Number1Laing #47 Number1Laing 3 months ago
    The games I missed and want to play from 2017 would justify another top 10 list by itself. Maybe I will do such a list at some point. That said, there was a lot of good stuff I did play.

    1. Horizon Zero Dawn
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    3. Breath of the Wild
    4. Rainbow Six Siege
    5. Gorn
    6. Nioh
    7. Assassin's Creed Origins
    8. Mario & Rabbids
    9. Rez Infinite
    10. For Honor
    8736: Destiny 2

    Horizon Zero Dawn was easily my GOTY, that game is so good it almost defies belief. For my money it might be the best game of this generation. I put R6 Siege on there because the game has continued to get better and is now one of the best FPS games anywhere.

    Gorn was the surprise - one of the most hilarious and ridiculous games I've ever played. I hope For Honor in a couple of years is as good as Siege is now. Destiny 2 is a garbage dump of a game and I can't believe I was suckered into it yet again. Shame on me.Edited 3 times. Last edited January 2018 by Number1Laing
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #48 VotesForCows 3 months ago
    @Damn_Skippy That's one of the more interesting conspiracy theories alright!

    @cldmstrsn Its sort of entertaining really, but I feel bad for the EG team cos they don't deserve that sort of crap.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #49 chaoticBeat 3 months ago
    Happy new year to all staff and community. USG is da coldest.
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  • Avatar for JonnS #50 JonnS 3 months ago
    AC Origins
    Forza Motorsport 7
    Shadow war
    Wolfenstein 2
    Halo Wars 2
    RE 7
    TC Ghost Recon Wildlands
    Life is Strange before the storm
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  • Avatar for Namevah #51 Namevah 3 months ago
    I'm a little late to the party, but here's mine:

    10. Resident Evil 7
    09. Fire Emblem Warriors
    08. Fire Emblem Heroes
    07. Sonic Mania
    06. Battle Chef Brigade
    05. Metroid: Samus Returns
    04. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
    03. Super Mario Odyssey
    02. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    01. Persona 5
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